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  • Hi Ken!
    Do you know anyone in the Kansas City area that plays ASL? I was led to believe you might, PM me if so.

    You might try Gamer's Armory or Alex Keyes (neither of which do I have e-mail address for, but I know Scott Blanton of Gamer's Armory posts here on GS so you could search for him. Wait I remember it is "scott AT gamersarmory DOT com". I think). Also these WO packs may* become a semi-norm. So if you have a friend who attends WO you should always ask him to buy an extra copy for you in future.
    Welcome to New England. You must know there are heaps of great ASLers about. Will you be coming to Noreaster in March?
    Kenneth, I have sent you two previous emails (one here on GS and one to your personal email listed in the body of your original post). I have spoken to my regular opponents and they are willing to help playtest this.
    If you are interested please reply back to this email or to my personal email:
    I would like to help with this and I hope that I hear back from you.
    Ron Bonear
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