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  • No band and I did cut off about 6 or 7 inches off the, but I do own a Fender
    Sure! My advice is simple:

    1. Decide your scenario and sides in advance and exchange setups by e-mail. Only identify top counters of unconcealed stacks.
    2. Place boards and pieces. Other nationality concealment counters will do for unidentified units in enemy stacks.
    3. Add your opponent to your Skype contacts list. Call
    4. Roll for wind change. DR and dr reported on honor system. Call results d1, d2; d1 is colored die. Drop dice first, then check LOS or tricky TH#s to save time.
    6. Call out hex coordinate and location, then cumulative MF/MP spent since beginning of units' moves. Count vehicular road movement by twos.
    7. Wear reading glasses as you're reporting information your opponent needs to be accurate. I have put counters in P16 and called, "P15."
    8. You don't need cameras for anything but waving "hi" to your opponent, showing off your game room, hot girlfriend/wife, or gifted offspring. Could use it to clear up major misunderstandings, but never had one.
    hi, i've heard on the forums that you play online without vasal using the real game components. me and my regular online buddy want to try this ourselves as we're sick of all the scrolling in vasal and being in front of an lcd monitor.

    do you have any advice for playing this way? we both use skype and webcams already and roll real dice so we're half way there.

    kind regards

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