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  • Hey there, someone pointed you to me that you were the one who built a lot of CH maps for VASL. I was wondering if you still did that, or perhaps could tell me how I could attempt to do the same. I've come across quite a few maps and counters that I'd like to implement, if possible.
    General Mayhem
    General Mayhem
    Apologies I have not been checking this site for some time now. I havn't done any map making for quite a while either. Hope you managed to work things out. Ye Olde Book Of Vasl Map Making is a good starting point.
    Hi Pete: I asked in January if you were working of the CH Aller I & II maps. Has there been any progress? Is there any way I can help?
    I've been told you are working on the VASL maps for Across the Aller I & I. Do you have an estimate of when they will be done? Thanks.
    I have done the 4 scenarios into vasl for RG , if you want I'll zipp them up & email to U.
    Hi Pete, I just found out tonight the CH Berlin Red Vengeance map is available here on gamesquad. This is the ATS version of Berlin:Fall of the Third Reich.....the counters are already in vasl 5.9....

    Good news! Maybe you already knew this, just wanted to give a heads up.

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