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    Reserve Guns Setup in Lone Canuck CGs

    Your crew will "set up as infantry" so the gun they possess will be cloaked not HIP. If that crew is activated the gun would be placed concealed and (possibly) emplaced and be subject to normal concealment loss. Not familiar with the specific CG but in all the ones I have played reserves are...
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    ASL Scenario E - Hill 621

    I am revisiting my very early days of Squad Leader (no Advanced then) from when I was still in primary school (1979?). A replay of the first scenario I ever played against my first opponent. This time I am playing the Russians. For those who have not played it, it involves an initial group of...
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    Dummy stacks and minefields

    Was reading 12.11 and came across something I don't understand. It says: Before announcing any mine attacks exposed by the movement of a stack topped by a"?", the DEFENDER may force the ATTACKER to momentarily reveal a non-Dummy unit in the stack to show that an actual force exists there. If...
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    Cumulative hindrance

    Cannot remember hoe this works: Range is 6 hexes, LOS crosses 3 grain hexes, one of the grain contains a stopped, non-motion AFV. Is the hindrance +3 or +4 and what is the rule citation?