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  • Hi Jeff,
    Still haven't got the goods from Ray T for Omaha, but will continue trying. If you have the time, I have a VASL extension question. (Say it aint so :)
    I have been trying to use the Korea playtest ext and the BFP ext, but have been having problems. I notice they both come with their own funky little image folder. Do I just place the image folder into my extensions folder and it will read? I have tried that and it just isn't working at all. I am guessing the BFP stuff probably just attaches to existing trays, but the Korea stuff I am guessing would have seperate tabs for the UN/North Koreans/South Koreans etc. Would this be right? If it is, then for whatever reason I can get neither of these simarly structered extensions to play nice in the sand box. Thanks,
    I was reading in the 'how wide is a counter' thred that you made a VASL bypass extension. Where is this located for down load?

    Problem with the VotG 5VG extension and I'm at a loss as to how to solve it. Because of computer crash, had to purchase a new computer. Downloaded VASL 5.8.1 but the VotG counters .. specifically the NKVD and 8+1 commissar ... did not download. Downloaded the 5VG extension and renamed the extension from .txt to .mdx. Still no NKVD counters. Any suggestions? The computer is running Windows Vista and not Windows XP although I should say that all the other extensions extracted just fine. Got a hot VotG CG I going and going to be a bummer if can't get it back in gear . so to speak.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Pierce Mason
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