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    Workshop to use Patch

    Got it, thanks. :TRUCE:
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    Workshop to use Patch

    I ain't seeing v 17. I'm seeing v 14 and a language pack. :hmmm::TRUCE:
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    Ozark OK?

    Thanks, I'll let you know when I see how Gary and I get on. Brevet
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    Ozark OK?

    I'll place my order and get back to you. Thanks. Brevet
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    Ozark OK?

    If I can find an opponent for a campaign game in the Ozarks I will purchase the title forthwith. I own Gettsyburg, Corinth, and Peninsula. I need a game with less unit density as my time is often severly restricted. I usually cannot play at a 'tournament' pace; some weeks not at all. I...
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    Gettysburg Scenario

    Let's take a shot at historical 1.1; July 1st, 44 turns. Those optional rules look ok, you may fire when ready. :TRUCE:
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    Fair Oaks/Seven Pines

    I'm game as soon as I get my copy, should be the end of the week or early next week. If you pick up a game before then, never mind. :TRUCE:
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    I just ordered my copy, I'll let you know when I get it. :TRUCE:
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    Gettysburg Scenario

    If anyone would like a small to medium size scenario in Gettysburg, I'm available. You can pick the scenario and the side and the optional rules. How's that for being easy? I'm looking for game experience and a military challenge. :TRUCE:
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    Corinth or Gettysburg anyone?

    I have Corinth and I've ordered Gettysburg. Anyone want to help me see the pbem elephant with this game system? I used to play the Talonsoft Civil War games, but haven't played anything but TOAW for quite awhile. Probably best to start with something small...any suggestions? :TRUCE:
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    Oh this is so sad!

    Kind of a Unit 731 thing, great idea, but the Japanese beat you to it. :TRUCE:
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    TR banned from California courthouse!!

    Whenever I'm appear in court there ain't no bible. You just gotta raise your right hand and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nuthin but the truth. Don't ask why I have to appear in court :D :TRUCE:
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    Anyone Know the Name of This Song?

    I see the girls walk by in their summer clothes I have to turn my head until my darkness goes... :TRUCE:
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    Colin Powell Resigns

    He's pretty much considered a douche bag in the US. Nixon, acting on behalf of democracy lovers everywhere, put him in power and he wasn't gracious enough to embrace democracy. Most Americans (who even know who he is) despise him for the remorseless killer bit. The rest (who know who he is)...
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    The Last Word...

    According to the Tribune they have not endorsed a Democrat for president since at least 1872. I used to deliver the Trib in the sixties (god were they heavy) and read the Trib now. It is still a conservative newspaper. It's OK, but not great. :TRUCE: