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  • Mark,

    ATS is simpler in terms of what you need to learn to get started. ASL has a short learning curve if all you want to play first are all-infantry scenarios ... but you still need to read all of Chapter A and most of Chapter B to get the most out of even those scenarios.

    I love ASL ... and I like ATS ... that I have essentially stopped playing both is not a reflection of the systems, but of my ever-evolving "needs" in gaming.

    If I were re-recommending ... I'd say start with the ASL Starter Kits ... they will lead you either to a) enjoy just the richness of the Starter Kit universe, or b) to the full ASL experience. ATS doesn't lend itself to as full and rich a repository of material like ASL does.

    DOH! - Part 8 in an Ongoing Series: Learning to Read. It turns out that I have a small pile of rep already - I thought only the ones you got messages with counted. I've just uploaded Col. Stout.

    What's happening in your ASL theater? I'm gonna play SP166 Bluejacket Attack tomorrow night. I've got the Japanese, and am shorthanded. Might just ask for the play balance - my oppo knows his stuff & has played all the years I was away.
    Thanks for the rep. Posting a custom photo here is like getting tenure at a university! Speaking of which, I need to rep a few people - comment #24 on page 3 of the HMG poll is hilarious.
    Thanks for the rep. I'm just doing my bit to help, translating a few scenarios is no problem. I hope you repped Laurent as well for making the scenarios up and posting them for free. We'll almost certainly use at least one of them in the Madrid tournament, which is definitely going ahead now this Spring time.
    I just tried to rep you, and it won't let me - I have to spread it around. I will and get back to you.

    It won't take long, though...just avoid starting any "let's change the game" threads until you are there :)
    People ask me all the time, "What's a 'zenprole'?" Congratulations for puzzling it out, but I'm not surprised... lots of smart people play ASL. Zenprole, in addition to being an available name on just about any e-mail system, mixes two of my favorite ideas: 'simple, direct insights on life' and 'smash the oppressor' (ironically similar to the Special Forces motto, but 'proletariat' doesn't apply in that case). I've got the copyright on it, too - used it on some t-shirt designs I did a while back.

    DFTRL is a good idea, but for now I'll keep the sig I have - only a few more posts and I can add the photo of Elliott Gould from "A Bridge Too Far."
    I didn't think you were shooting me down, and I sense the delicate nature of raising these ideas with ultra-touchy RL's. (I was thinking of changing my signature to "Don't Feed The Rules Lawyers," but that might be over the top.)

    The next section I need to make some notes on is armor movement and firing. Tuesday I had about the sloppiest game of my ASL career, but I'm learning to take these things in stride.
    What you wrote about 'many hands make a lighter RB' is a logical step, but I doubt it will happen. This thread did teach me how the RB became such a thing. I'll just continue with my own rewrites for each section of the rules - they've been required for even a snowball's chance of playing/enjoying ASL.
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