The Lady and her Hero


Jul 29, 2006
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Ecktown, S-H, German

the Lady, this is "Lyena" btw., was in big trouble.

She just returned from one very succesfull raider mission in the sea east of Japan. Several merchants siezed or sunk, plus one Japanes Aux cruiser. Unfortunatly she spent a lot of Ammo, only around 500 120mm and 150 75 mm rounds left. On her way back to base, just having passed the narrow straits north of the Japanese main islands, fortuna went her back on her.

She was spotted by a force of around 20+ TBs. As they were faster, she couldn`t escape. With her Ammo being that lo, she opened up only when a target was within 2,500 m. She fought bravely, sank 3 TBs and with the upcoming confusion (read stupid AI) she managed to get away.

Fortunatly, at the same time "Bogatyr" (the Hero) was operating in that area. Alarmed by the desperate wireless transmissions from "Lyena" she turned around, heading north to help her out. Another battle took place, with a force of 20+ DDs and Tbs. But now the Lady and her Hero were in visual Range. "Lyena" turned north, with "Bogatyr" forming up on her. A fast force of 2 x 4 DDs were closing fast. The battle following was fierce, but the Lady and her Hero got away. Feathers ruffled, but alive. 6 Japanese DDs didn`t make it home, but it was a close call.

I love it, when a plan works out.