TCASL 7/11/20-- SICILY AND ITALY (COVID-19 Edition)


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May 23, 2012
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Hello TCASLers and Friends!

As we work our way through what's turning out to be a miserably hot summer, just remember that it could be worse-- you could be sitting in a pre-registered hex. In the meantime, VASL provides us a wonderful means of hiding from the heat and getting in a game or two when we can't play face to face.

Time: Whenever you please
Location: VASL, BGG, GS, Discord-- wherever we happen to congregate online

This time around, we present a selection of scenarios set in Sicily and Italy. American, British, Canadian, French, German, Italian-- we've got it all, and with good balance and short playing times to boot.
Number  Title                  Side1      Side2     #Hrs  S1Win%  S2Win%  Publication               Notes
ASL53   A High Price to Pay    British    Italian   5.8   45.19%  54.81%  Hollow Legions
ASL251  First Day of Diadem    French     German    4.6   51.02%  48.98%  Croix de Guerre 2nd Ed    Also published in Annual '95 as A89
A19     Cat and Mouse          German     American  3.9   45.95%  54.05%  Annual '90
AP82    Coriano                Canadian   German    4.6   54.35%  45.65%  Action Pack 8
G13     A View From the Top    American   German    4.4   45.00%  55.00%  The General Vol 27, No 5  
J20     The Guns of Naro       American   Italian   5.8   45.59%  54.41%  Journal #2
J32     Panzer Graveyard       German     British   5.7   51.74%  48.26%  Journal #2
J51     Canicatti              German     American  4.5   50.59%  49.41%  Journal #3
We also have a couple of oddities from the anniversary files. The first pits the Britsh against the Italians in Kenya, the second features Australians fighting the Japanese in Borneo:
J162   African Brothers        British     Italian   7    28.57%  71.43%  Journal #11       7/10/1940  Recommend British Balance
BFP67  Coke Hill               Australian  Japanese  4.9  44.44%  55.56%  Blood and Jungle  7/9/1945