Random Loss Die Rolls


Jan 28, 2003
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I pulled this from the Perry Sez folder:

Curiously, I could not find an answer to this question in the rules, though the very experienced group of players I associate with were of one mind on the answer.
Situation is that a stack of a leader and two full squads is hit by a lucky burst of fire resulting in 2KIA. The random roll is 3 for the leader and a pair of 2s for the squads. The leader and (at least) a squad are clearly dead, but does a tie on the pair of twos result in the death of both squads or a death and a break? The consensus is that all the units are killed, but we could not confirm it from reading the rules. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.
A7.301 covers it. All are KIA.

Second question: A truck with a squad and an 8-1 leader is hit by deadly MG fire that destroys, but does not flame the truck. The surviving infantry attempts to leap to safety. Do the infantry guys take a "crew survival" check and, if so, does the leader modify this dice roll?
D6.9 states each takes an individual cs DR to determine its own fate.
No leader DRM are applicable to any CS/cs roll that I know of.