Now do you guys understand why I hate f2p so much?


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Sep 2, 2002
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It's a little more complicated. In Turbine's case they implemented layering without what other vendors do, you choose which layer you go into, which you typically do to meet friend or there are player that you know are used to play music or do roleplay. The only way to transfer in Turbine's hacky layers is fellowshipping, you can put people into where you have to have ended up randomly. So to find music you have to ask on chat channels who is in a layer with music and then ask somebody to pull you in.

The worse part of that code change was actually server lines. In addition to the layer they also carved up the landscape much more and you transition from one machine to another when crossing invisible and undocumented lines. That was implemented incompletely and there are many problems, so you often have resources disappear, combat inpterrupted, your companion (pet or herald) stranded on the other side messing up combat. At least Turbine did as much as acknowledging these particular problems. A year ago. And then did nothing since then. I hear it's very bad in the Moors (the only player versus player zone).

So again, you see it is not so much what Turbine did.

It is that they do everything with total disregard for player's needs, and then answer requests for even as much as just information with deafening silence. Other publishers manage to do the same thing without pissing off the player base.