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Aug 8, 2008
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The Shadow Stars (SHS)
The Shadow Stars Clan is recruiting for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. We are a clan that has been around since March 2007 and have remained active for the entire time. Recently we have been going from strength to strength and the clan is in a period of continual change, if you would like to join us in our successes, or if you still need convincing then read below.

Why join us?
First of all we can offer you what every other clan is able to offer you, a community within which you are guaranteed games without hackers or members that make game-play lose its fun. We also offer an active forum and a chat box with at least one other member on most of the time. What we can offer you though that many clans can’t are the opportunity to become part of the clan’s decision-making process, a regiment system, the ability to become an elite member and generally the ability to better yourself and to make a name for yourself.

We hold tournaments in any games that many of our members have ensuring that tournaments shall be active and thus enjoyable for everyone. Tournaments are on our board’s calendar for the rest of the year with the possibility of more being added. Anyone who enters into a tournament has the ability to earn points for their regiment and affect both their individual, and their regiments overall, rank on our many leader boards. The leader board will be reset June 25th so you can easily enter into them without being at a major points disadvantage.

Every member of the Shadow Stars with an active account is placed into a regiment, fire, water, earth, air or steel. These regiments are designed to provide competition when clan wars are not being fought. There will be tournaments that pit the five regiments together but they also compete for the top place on the leader board, which takes the totals of all their members wins and losses in tournaments, and they also compete to get as many council members as possible, as the more members they have in the council the more decision making power they have in the clan.

Mods in the Shadow Stars differ from mods in other clans. At the beginning of every month an election is held and the five winners of this election become mods for the next two months, and for the foreseeable future if they are continually re-elected, this means that all our mods are popular with the majority of members, that they are well respected and conflict with their decisions is minimal. They also gain a seat in the council, which makes a lot of decisions about how the clan should be run, its structure, its rules and who it fights in clan wars are among the decisions made.

The Light Star Brigade
The Light Star Brigade are the top 5 members in the clan and are the elites of Brawl. To become a Brigadier they must win a tournament held once every two months and to keep their position they must win every following tournament after that. Their responsibility is to recruit members, train members and lead the fight in clan wars. They also gain seats in the council where they make decisions and are equal to the mods.

How to Join
Joining us is simple, first check out our site and talk to our members in the Chat Box at the bottom of the page. They will be happy to play you at a few games and answer any of your questions. Then after that if you would like to join our clan make an account on the forum. No testing is required as we believe the potential to improve is more important than a members current skill level, after that you must make 10 posts, without spamming or breaking the rules, in the ‘comings and goings’ forum to activate your account. After you get 10 posts the rest of the forum is open to you to post in and once an admin sees you have 10 posts they will put you into a regiment.

If you are interested in joining our clan then please go to:

If however you still need convincing then please take some time to look at this article:

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