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Jan 28, 2017
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I've just read the most excellent article, from ASL Annual '92 - the Japanese in ASL
I'm not aware of one yet (ironically) for the Germans.
In a previous now defunct thread I made, what I considered, an informed decision not to buy the 'Partisan sized' Finnish module for couple of reasons;
The already inclusive Finnish elements of BV - enough to give a flavour, albeit in a truncated manner of the Fino - Russo war (sic?)
The limited scope of Finland in WW2.
MMPs decision to finally include the Finnish with their own T Shirts only after about 40 years - They know the rationale behind that. In other words - that decision wasn't made for nothing.

To add credence to my view the above article's author, during the conclusion, states the following;

"With better equipment (the Japanese) he would certainly have been even more formidable, and like the German solider (but unlike the Finnish fighting man) he showed himself adept at fighting a variety of enemies in various kinds of terrain."

Given the above reasons and the before-mentioned fact that there are zero dependants on this 'core' module I find the choice to include this module or the consideration to purchase it, conciliatory.