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    Jan 28, 2003
    FANATIC ENTERPRISES is pleased to announce the release of The Luzon Pack; another fine scenario pack covering a variety of unique actions for the Advanced Squad Leader system.

    The scenario pack includes 12 scenarios covering the Luzon campaign and covers a nice variety of actions and features many Japanese vehicles rarely used in ASL scenarios.

    A summary of the scenarios follows:

    FE 96 Luzon Fire!: A small scenario set on board 38. The scenario features a small American guerilla force attacking an isolated Japanese garrison. This is a nice tourney sized scenario.

    FE 97 Potpot Potshot: This scenario is also set on board 38. This is a small scenario, set at night with a dug in American force supported by an AT Gun and a scout car defending against a tank supported Japanese force out to capture terrain and kill some Americans.

    FE 98 Spirited Action: This is a moderately sized scenario set on board 48. The Japanese defend the village with a combination of infantry and armor against a strong American infantry force supported by 5 tanks. The Americans are out to capture some buildings.

    FE 99 Nasty Little Firefight: This is a small scenario set on board 35. A night action the Japanese have to kill a few Americans or capture some terrain against a platoon of dug-in GI’s. The Japanese get a single tank to aid them.

    FE100 San Manuel #1: Another moderate sized scenario set on boards 32 and 42. This is a nice and bloody fight to capture buildings. Each side gets a good amount of armor and a nice number of infantry.

    FE 101 San Manuel #2: This one is set on board 22. This scenario is a small to medium sized scenario featuring a defending Japanese infantry force supported by 3 tanks. The American infantry is supported by some OBA. The Americans are trying to knock out the tanks or capture some buildings.

    FE 102 Spirit of Bushido: Here is another night scenario, this time set on board 3. The Americans are defending against an attacking Japanese force. Each side is a combination of infantry and armor. Here is a nice night banzai attack, if you don’t love that you don’t love PTO!!!

    FE 103 Yanangimoto: This is a medium to large sized scenario featuring a defending American force having to defend a lot of terrain. They are supported by a HMC and reinforced by more HMC and GMC. The Japanese attack with a large force of infantry and armor. This scenario is set on boards 32 and 44.

    FE 104 An Army Travels on It’s Stomach: Ok I have heard your request and attempted to use HASL maps in some scenarios. This one features a corner of Pegasus Bridge, featuring irrigation ditches. This scenario is smallish and pits American infantry supported by 3 AFV against some dug in Japanese infantry and a tank and AT Gun.

    FE 105 Reckless Behavior: Here is a cool, unique scenario representing an armored ambush. Set on board 49, a convoy of Japanese trucks and APC’s run into an American reconnaissance force. This one is sure to be bloody.

    FE 106 Hero in Our Midst: This scenario features a combined arms American force attacking a dug in Japanese force of infantry and guns. Set on boards 22 and 49, the Americans receive a combined arms force including OBA, tanks, and a good amount of infantry. This scenario details the action for which Sgt. Donald Rudolph received his Medal of Honor. A summary of the Medal of Honor citation is included with the scenario pack.

    FE 107 Norton’s Knob: This is the requisite scenario featuring caves. Ok there are three caves so hopefully this won’t put off too many players. In fact, this scenario may be a good introduction to players to cave rules. The scenario is set on board 17 and 50. The Japanese get some infantry and defend the hills against a strong American force of infantry supported by a heavy AA Gun.

    Fanatic Enterprises continues to enlist the assistance of several ASL'ers as Playtesters and Proofreaders and wish to express my gratitude and thanks.

    The Luzon Pack can be purchased for $12/pack.

    The Blitzkrieg Pack can be purchased for $18/pack, Fanatic Pack # 3, Fanatic Pack #2 and Fanatic Pack #1 can each be purchased for $12/pack and the Battlin' Bastards of Bataan Pack can be purchased for $10/pack while the Leningrad Pack can be purchased for $16/pack.

    Shipping and Handling is $2.50 for delivery in the US, or $5 for delivery overseas for the first pack. Add $1.25 for each additional pack in the US and $2.50 for each additional pack oversees.

    Please send check or money order to Paul Kenny, PO Box 644, Haddonfield, NJ 08033.

    I also accept Paypal under the name if paying with a Paypal account based on a credit card or under the name if paying with a Paypal account NOT based on a credit card.

    Also please check out my website at

    Thanks again for your support.

    Paul Kenny
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    Jan 29, 2003
    Check your post Paul, I just sent you an email.


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    Jan 28, 2003
    Got it Jose thanks.

    Thanks to Jose, available on my website for download is a PDF of the Fanatic Enterprise errata and clarifications.

    Just go to the errata and clarifications and click on the link.

    Thanks for your support.

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