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Oct 17, 2005
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Boise, Idaho, USA
llUnited States
I would like to hear from the community on whether you are interested in a game on the entire 1815 campaign to include the Belgian campaign which culminated in the Battle of Waterloo. This game would include a brand new map of Belgium to include areas to the east and west of the existing Belgium map found in Campaign Waterloo. It also would include maps of the following areas:

Brie Plateau and other maps from the JTS 1814 game (to include the La Souffel and Paris map) and
frontier areas along the Rhine (some of the maps will be included in the forthcoming RBR game due out soon) as well as brand new maps we would create for this title.

Much more than "Rehashed Campaign Waterloo" this game would include artwork and forces for the following nations:

Those found in the Waterloo Campaign
Bavaria and the rest of the German states along the Rhine

I would also be creating a new OB file that would correct some of the errors in the Campaign Waterloo OB such as the bloated French morale ratings and other items like the Prussian brigades being organized incorrectly in regimental brigade ORGs. I already have built the OB for 1815 - see the Campaign 1814 game - its the "Maneuver on the Marne" scenario. Entire Prussian Army and most of the French is included in that game already if you want to see how I would rate and organize the units.

New French Corps organized and led by Davout would be included. The French would have options to either attack into Belgium as they did historically or draw the Allies into France and defeat them one by one using their superior interior lines.

I would like to get a total of 300+ people vote Yes for this project based on the results of several polls I have posted on the internet. I think then I could get the support from John Tiller to create the game.

Campaign Waterloo came out over 15 years ago and I believe that the community would enthusiastically support this new title.

Take the poll to let me know if I am right or wrong. If you feel ripped off that another game would come out on the same topic say so in a response. On the other hand if you feel that a deluxe treatment of the 1815 campaign is long overdue then speak up!

Note: if you took the poll at the Napoleonic Wargame Club (NWC) or The Blitz - Napoleonic Ladder forums please abstain from voting here so that I have a better idea of the results of this poll here on this forum. Thanks for your cooperation in this!