My first TACOP4 AAR <grin>

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Jun 4, 2006
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My first TACOP4 AAR (After Action Report)

Note: I have a question for Major or anyone: How can I make a screen-shot of battle(s)?

Map: Basic Training

Situation: USMC company sized reconnaissance force is moving East on a road in the
northwest corner of the map. An OPFOR, which we assumed squad sized, observation post
is located in Objective Golf in the woods, two to three kilometers to the East

Mission is simple and straightforward: clear/seize Objective Golf of all enemy force(s)

Order of Battle:

One platoon of M1A1, D Team
One platoon of light armored vehicle/infantry: LAV & AAV
One of Rifle Platoon, Mechanized.

04 June 2006

On the assembly area, I decide to put one platoon of M1A1 in the front in order to leading a convoy, while rest of us is stay behind of leading M1A1s. Once when they assembled near by LD/LC, Line of Departure is Line of Contact.

At about 2200, I decided its time to begin the operation.

D team, platoon of M1A1, is moving East on a road as ordered. Once when they reach a designated PL Wisconsin, Phase Line. At about 2210, D team reported that they spotted one T-80 inside of Objective Golf, they also added that T-80 is hiding inside of wooded area.

D team requested for direct fire from "off the map" artillery units. Once when the artillery unit received a request from D team. At about 2212, they begun to shoot over and adjust the fire. D team was in communicate with the artillery units in order to adjust/pinpoint the fire. Once when they reach/meet the "spot", they immediately designated it as TRP Echo, Target Reference Point, right on the spot.

Inside of the LAV Command, I had been monitoring of their activities via tactical IVIS, I decide to call CAS F-18 Hornet to drop their munitions, cluster bombs, on a TRP Echo. Pilot, himself, reported that he's on the way, 6 minutes to the battlefield. One more is on the way, 12 minutes to the battlefield.

D team had been observed Objective Golf and enjoy the fireworks from the artillery works, volley after volley, for 6 minutes.

At about 2219, one of CAS aircraft, F-18 reach the area of battlefield and drop the munitions on a TRP Echo. After once when he dropped the munitions, he reported that he saw some infantry near by TRP Echo.

D team, had been observed the fireworks/was in communicate with CAS pilot. Once when D team hear that he, pilot, reported that he saw some infantry near by TRP Echo. They decide to investigate it via TV, thermal vision. They acknowledge/confirm the report, and chalk it via IVIS

Inside of the LAV Command, I had been monitoring of their conversation between CAS pilot and leader of D team. I decide to move AAVs to far north near by Hill 20, and observe Objective Golf from there.

At about 2225, another CAS F-18 hornet reach the area of battlefield, drop the munitions on a TRP Echo.

D team observed the fireworks, and reported there's some secondary explosion from northwest of wooded area.

At about, 2230, I decide to order one of M1A1 to split, one M1A1 is moving East in order to probe/recon while other three cover/over watch. Suddenly, lone T-80 shot the first sabot and missed. Lone M1A1 had to popped the smoke & reserve to 200 yards while other three M1A1 return the fire.

In first 20 seconds, they exchanged the fire. One minute later, D team reported that they "kill" T-80. I decide to chalk it up for our first kill of war.

After that, everything is quiet.

At about 2300, we had been observed Objective Golf for half hour. I decided to order every units to move near by Objective Golf. Once when AAVs reach near by wooded area, I ordered them to unload light infantry platoon in order to probe/recon the wooded area.

At about 2400, the light infantry team(s) reported that Objective Golf is cleared/secured. We, USMC company sized reconnaissance force and artillery units, decimated of their OPFOR OP/FO/Scout element.

Be continue...


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Jul 23, 2004
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Dogma One said:
How can I make a screen-shot of battle(s)?
Use the Prnt Scrn key. Open a paint program and paste the image into the file.