Mayweather caught with IV's prior to fight

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May 1, 2001
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Yeah, like we all didn't know that already. Or did you really believe this 40-year old is stronger, faster, and has better reflexes and endurance than a 20-year old Olympic athlete?

The USADA is a joke and always has been. There's so much money involved in this stuff that corruption is rampant in boxing at every level, even among the people are ostensibly are supposed to be overseeing the sport.

IV's are now illegal in the UFC, not because they necessarily contain banned substances, but because it's the preferred method to "mask" prohibited substances in a blood test. In short, if you're on steroids or HGH, you take daily IV's to rehydrate and mask the PED's (performance enhancing drugs) in order to fool the tests.

Pacquiao says he now knows Mayweather Jr. is a cheater. But Mayweather Jr. was never charged with anything by the USADA, even though what he was doing should have been obvious.

Sports is becoming a bigger and bigger farce all the time.