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Nov 6, 2003
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Welcome to the Opponents Wanted section of the forums! Our job here is to help you get in touch with other players so you can get playing ASL as quickly as possible. That's why you popped into this section of the forums, right? :)

Once you post your request for an opponent, one of the ASL forum staff will "sticky" it to the top of the forum as soon as they notice it. That helps by keeping all the current play requests at the top of the list and easy to spot. Once your have gotten an opponent, please just write a quick post to that effect and we will "unsticky" it. That will also stop you getting flooded with more requests for a game! We'll also unsticky it if you don't get a reply in 30 days or so... maybe nobody is interested in the scenario/theatre you want to play or can't meet your schedule for live play.

Another good rule of thumb is that if you are replying to an opponents wanted request, write a quick reply on the forums even just to say that you have sent them a private message or email. That helps everyone else know if the request is likely to already have been met, or whether they should write to offer a game as well.

There are also a few things that you might like to consider when you are writing an Opponents Wanted post.
  • Are you wanting to play by email (pbem) or live play on the VASL server?
  • Do you have a particular scenario or two in mind? A particular theatre?
  • How quickly do you send out logs? If playing by email, are you looking for someone who'll send you one log a day on average? Or a more laid back pace with just several logs a week? If playing by live VASL, how many sessions of play would you like a week and what days or times suit you best?
  • Are you registered on the ASL Ladder here at the forums? The ladder is a great place to find an opponent who'll be a good match for you, whether you have been playing for just a few weeks or for a few decades!
  • Are you a new player wanting to play either another new player or a more experienced player? An experienced player wanting someone similar, or willing to teach a new player? Something in between? Don't really mind?
Most games organised here have the result reported to the ladder after the game is finished; both players earn a few points, can keep track of which scenarios they have played and the results, and they also contribute to scenario balance statistics on the side. To join the ladder, follow this link and put a tick in the "Advanced Squad Leader" box and then click to confirm.

As a general rule, opponent requests for FtF play won't get stickied to avoid cluttering up the forum since they are potentially ongoing (and there could be hundreds of them!). Instead, make sure to put your location in the subject title so that if people are browsing the forum or doing a search by city they will spot your request straightaway.

I hope that gives you a few ideas to go on and a general overview of how this section of the forums works. If you have any ideas for something to add to this overview, or any questions about what I've written, send me a private message and I'll either answer your question or make any changes that are needed!

Andrew (Reepicheep)
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