J59 Friday the 13th


May 11, 2016
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Oceanside, CA
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Don Petros (@DWPetros) got together on Saturday to play J59 Friday the 13th. I was attacking as the Germans, with Don taking the role of the defending Russians. Don sent me his setup via email (only "?" counters, no fortifications yet revealed as I enter from off-board on turn 1).

Here is our initial disposition of forces, with my guesses as to where Don would place the Gun and fortifications:


I further assumed that the Russian's fearful .50 would be stationed upstairs in P4, the better to rake over my units as they entered from off board. However, Don would teach me a few things about defense that give me a lot to think about in the future.

At the start, my tank destroyers entered and using their sN capability, providing a bit of cover for the infantry in case the .50 was in P4. I then split the infantry up a bit, with a few squads lining up behind the hedge, while the remaining force went for the a passage through the forest.

The TDs then advanced forward with the infantry, using smoke as available. I was surprised that the .50 hadn't popped up yet, and that the 57LL appeared to not be in the O6 building. In fact, O6 was taken with no fight, and my infantry began advancing on the heart of the village.

The 57LL and .50 finally made their appearances around turn 3, I think. They were actually positioned back in the rear W3-W4 building, the better to cover the final VP location and pour fire on my units as they advanced towards that location. Don failed to retreat his units from the P4-Q4 building until it was too late, and ended up seeing his forces their blown away as they were first broken, and then interdicted to kingdom come when they tried to rout back to the rear lines.

As I advanced through the village, I finally saw that all of the fortifications were set in the rear of the area, with 4 foxholes in front of and around the W3-W4 building, and both wire counters in T4 and T5 making the road to the final victory location that much more difficult.

Long story short: I did manage to get a few squads into that final building location, and then had the weather 2 turns of fire from the .50, 57LL, and multiple squads in the rear building. The game came down to the final CC role, Don's 4-4-7 advancing into the building from a foxhole and going into CC with my last non-broken PINned 5-4-8. I managed an ambush, but with both of us at 1:2 odds, nothing happened in CC and we ended the game locked in melee.

A few highlights: Don's 57LL after changing CA (in the building) rolls snake eyes to hit a TD trying to flank that position. It's an improbably hit which strikes the turret and manage to kill it. What a shot!

Another TD parked back in P3 had depleted HE and Smoke, so took a shot using AP equivalency on the .50 in the upper level of the rear building, hitting and rolling snakes for the effect. His leader was toasted after rolling box cars on the MC, and the squad manning the .50 was broken.

It was a great game that came down to the final DR, and our closest fought match to date. Thanks for the hospitality, Don!


Craig Benn

Nov 7, 2013
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llUnited Kingdom
It's one of those scenarios that looking at the card looks nothing special but gives a really tight fun game with lots going on. If only it was easier to spot them.