HG-13 An Unfriendly Welcome


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Dec 8, 2004
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Sven, Fanatic TW, TK44, & I played HG-13 An Unfriendly Welcome. The scenario is perfect for four players. We had a blast celebrating Sven's birthday and sending out the crazy year with some fine ASL

The scenario has seven American squads with a .50 setup in a small area of the BFP J village, the Germans have ten squads that setup between BFP J A-R with a couple of HMG's and an AA Gun, the Germans get turn one reinforcements of seven squads and a couple StuG's that enter on the north edge, and the Americans get seven squads reinforcements on turn one with five AFV's, and four halftracks on the south edge: they move first

The Americans have to have 25 VP north of BFP J row Q and no GO Germans near the bridge

We diced for sides. Tim and Steve were the Germans. Ted and I were the Americans. Ted setup the Americans first, Tim setup the Germans, I took the American reinforcements, and Steve took the German reinforcements

Ted's .50 and some deadly CC's stuffed Steve's German reinforcements and held off Tim's half hearted efforts to enter the village from the south long enough for my reinforcements to ride to his rescue for the American win

There were many great ASL moments in our playing. A few highlights: the best was Ted rolling snakes in CC zapping a heap of Germs and then he rolled up an 8-1 leader. He also generated a hero and an 8-0. No wonder Steve could not take the village. I enjoyed riding Amis squads around in halftracks gunning down hapless German half squads. I had a Sherman get too aggressive but a HIP PSK hit was a dud. An aggressive Stewart got burned by a PF but the Germans ate a 1 on the back blast

The Germans were done by their turn 6 but we all had a blast playing it so if you are looking for a fun, functional, multiplayer scenario give An Unfriendly Welcome a go