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Adrian Carter

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May 24, 2009
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We played another scenario from the excellent Hatten in Flames HASL module from Multi-Man Publishing. This one was HF3 First Timers. Before we logged our game, ROAR indicated 42 American wins versus 33 German wins. The scenario depicts the attempt of the American 242nd Infantry Regiment supported by 4 Shermans of the 48th Tank Battalion to retake the parts of Hatten that had been previously lost to elements of the 25. Panzergrenadier-Division. The Americans had 5 and a half turn to take 13 or more of the 21 building Locations. There was a +1 LV Hindrance to all shots and some extra rubble. I attacked with the Americans and Johan defended with the Germans.
  • American advantages: 4 Shermans, leadership, fire power
    American disadvantages: ML 6 troops, many building hexes to control, open ground
  • German advantages: 5 MGs, concealment, leadership, Panzer IVJ reinforcements
    German disadvantages: +1 LV hindrance, 2nd line MMCs
Start of the game: My plan for the Americans was to attack and pin the Germans from the south using the buildings and walls to launch my infantry attack whilst pushing two Shermans round from the west to cut rout paths and restrict the Germans from falling back across the road in west. I also risked putting a 2nd line MMC as Riders on one of the Shermans entering from the west to threaten the unoccupied buildings in the North of Hatten. I then deployed two squads to man the mortars to fire WP until depleted and run into some Concealed German locations to strip Concealment (The Bump) and then smother them with Opportunity Fire from the MMGs. It also allowed the Americans to bypass or ignore most of the Germans in the east (perhaps they were only dummies anyway).

Start of Turn 2: Two Shermans and a 2nd line MMC had outflanked the German defence from the west, whilst the bulk of the rest of American forces were pushing slowly towards the village of Hatten from the south. The German defenders were using their concealment and only firing at attractive targets. Given the low ML of the Americans I had expected some to break and used the leaders to rally them in buildings as necessary.

Start of Turn 4: The American infantry attacking from the south had been slowed down by some dogged German resistance. The Americans had lost one Sherman to a vehicle recall because I rolled a six whilst trying to repair the MA. The Germans had lost one of their Panzer IVs to a Sherman M4A3 76L. The Germans should not let these beasts get the first shot because they are deadly. The Germans were conserving their forces well and falling back for the final defence of the village. At this point I suspected that the Americans would not have enough time to complete the task.

End of Game (Turn 5.5): Despite some wild American attempts to smoke or VBM freeze various German defensive positions and destroying the remaining Panzer IV with APCR, I failed to Control more than 9 building locations by the end of the game. Congratulations to the Germans for a handsome win. They defended well. It was close though. The German won 3 H-t-H CC in victory locations which proved to be not only deadly but also decisive. The +1 LV hindrance really decreases the effectiveness of IFT fire for the entire game. Overall, this was yet another really enjoyable scenario from the Hatten in Flames module. Highly recommended!
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