Help with paradrops!


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Jan 22, 2012
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Hi, preparing for my first parachute scenario. I don't know if I'm just getting dumber, or if this section of the rules is unusually badly written, but I can't figure out a lot of things. Here are my queries:

1. Do units on the ground floor of a multi-level building hex have LOS to aerial units in their own hex? What about a factory? I can find nothing in E7.25 or 9.31 preventing it, but it seems odd.

2. Landing in rubble does not cause an injuries NMC, correct? Just seems odd as well.

3. I am wondering whether I am misunderstanding things, because it seems like you will often want to fail the NTC that paratroopers must take when they land in order not to deploy. At least, assuming you aren't American. If you are within range of enemy fire, wouldn't you rather be 2 halfsquads with 8 morale than one parachute counter with 7 morale? This seems like such a benefit that it makes me wonder if I fundamentally misunderstand what is happening.

4. E9.4 seems quite vague to me. Here is what I think happens, am I right?

4a: 1/2 inch and 5/8 counters that land in an interior building hexes take injury NMCs and then move until they make it to a non-interior hex. They then don't take any sort of deployment NTC. What happens if a 1/2 inch counter fails its NMC is never stated. Who knows!
4b: 1/2 inch and 5/8 counters that land in jungle or swamp take an NMC, and are immediately eliminated if they fail. If they pass, they then don't take any sort of deployment NTC.
4c: All other 1/2 inch counters flip.
4d: 5/8 counters that land in [long list of bad places] take injury NMCs, and their contents are broken normally if they fail. Regardless, they then don't take any sort of deployment NTC.
4e: All other 5/8 counters take a deployment NTC. If they pass, then nothing happens. If they fail, then the parachute counter is removed, and the contents are put on board as follows:
4f: A squad: is deployed, and one HS goes in the target hex and another in the hex downwind.
4g: A squad and leader: squad is deployed as above, and leader is put in one of those hexes per Random Selection. If you roll doubles, you get a clone of the leader and put one in each affected hex per A.9. This can't possibly be the intention of the rules, but it seems like it must be RAW.
4h: A halfsquad: is put in the hex downwind, NOT in the target hex.
4i: A halfsquad and leader: both are put in the hex downwind.
4j: A leader: leader by himself is put in the target hex.

5. Is a parachute counter removed before the APh ...

5a: When it suffers a KIA result? I think not because unless it's a 3KIA, the defender doesn't necessarily know that everyone in there is dead.
5b: When its contents are eliminated? Ditto.

6. Snipers can't attack parachutes because they aren't "units", and the units associated with each parachute aren't onboard yet, correct?