Forums: Week 1 in review and tweaks

Nat Mallet

Apr 17, 2004
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Good Evening Forumers,

The new ASL Forums have been up for a week now, and I have to say, I'm quite surprised at response they're getting. I seriously didn't think they would such a positive response in such short a time. It seems it was something the community was really anxious to see.

We have over 140 registered users, and so far, everyone seems quite happy, based on the feedback I've received via email and through some of the posts. To all who've registered and suggested improvements, I bow to you. Thanks.

Just a few quick notes as to what's happening.


The site was a little slow on Tuesday (I believe). I'm not 100% sure what the issue was. Connecting to the site was a bit slow, but once the initial contact was made, download times were quite fast. Since Tuesday evening, the site has been quite responsive. It could be due to the fact that the site is quite new, and the DNS look ups were a bit slow, or maybe even the "slammer" worm was affecting speed. Hopefully, we won't see an issue for a while.

Permission Tweaks

I'm not very familiar with the administration side of this package, so a few actions were taken that I didn't expect to see. They were not security related, just flow/clutter issues. Here are the changes that have taken effect since last week:

  • Administrator forum closed to non-moderators
    Only moderators can delete posts
    Only moderators can create polls
The reasons for limiting the actions above are simple. I'm trying to keep clutter down as much as possible. A lot of people have complained about the difficulty of following discussions or finding information on the ASLML. The forums can alleviate those issues, as long as there isn't too much clutter, and too many polls tends to increase that problem.

If other issues come up that reduce the readability and navigability of the site, I'll make adjustments. And that goes both ways, so if anyone feels that I impose too many restrictions, please email me.

One last note: I've left guest postings on, because I'm a big believer in privacy on the Internet. However, if guests to the ASL Forums start posting insulting, off-topic, obscene articles, I will set anonymous postings off.


The site is still easily manageable by one person, but if the membership continues to grow at the rate which we've seen, I soon won't be able to read and moderate all of the posts. While I truly hope to have that kind of readership, I will need some help to moderate all of the posts.

When the load starts to get too big, I will probably ask a few of the more frequent/knowledgeable/mature (and I use the last two terms loosely) visitors to help moderate. If any one really, truly wants to be moderator, please email your request. Other wise, I'll just ask those who fit the above criteria.

So that's it for this weekly status report. If anyone has any other question, please feel free to email me.

Nat Mallet
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