Deathwish 888 Round 6 Report


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Oct 31, 2003
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Melbourne, Australia
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Darryl Lundy's French have defeated Bruce Probst's Thai in J70 "Just an

The game started very well indeed for the Thai who smashed the picket line
French who barely managed a whimper. It appears though that those guys were
there as some sort of punishment detail, as all the true French heroes were in
the main body and made of much sterner stuff. Darryl basically made up for
some horrendous DR in the first couple of turns by rolling like a champion for
the rest of the game. I say "the rest of the game" but I mean Turn 3, because
by the end of that turn there were just not many Thai units left intact. The
9-2 and his MMG in particular didn't like to stop rolling while there was
anything still wriggling in his LOS.

Although the situation is interesting and it's a nice mix of rarely-seen units
and weapons IMO the reality is that the French are a little too tough. They
only have to roll well for a little bit and the Thai are going to be on the
back foot. The 9-2 in particular seems a little bit "too much" on top of
their other strengths. Of course in many games I'm sure he'll fall to the
sniper in turn 1 or something equally silly -- but not in this one.