Deathwish 888 Round 4 Report


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Oct 31, 2003
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Melbourne, Australia
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Bruce Probst's Belgians have narrowly defeated David Wallace's Germans in J182 Belgium Blitzkrieg.

A very up-front defence by the Belgians with a determination to not lose control of building Z6 by Turn 2 paid off with plenty of good Belgian chocolate to cause a quite staggering amount of German casualties early. Although the Germans did, in fact, cause enough damage to those Belgians to eventually take the building (around Turn 5) the damage had been done -- none of those Germans were ever able to get near the village.

This meant that it was up to the reinforcements to take and hold the other buildings needed for the win. They were able to achieve this (relatively) easily -- the Belgian setup by necessity meant that their village defence was initially very weak. So consequently it was up to the Belgian reinforcements to kick the Germans out of all of the multi-hex buildings that they had taken (which was all bar one). Fortunately for the Belgians the Germans were apparently more interested in eating chocolate than fighting -- especially notable was the German squad who, after managing to immobilize one Belgian tank that was in bypass, completely failed the follow-up kill attempt in the CCPh and died to the tank's counterattack. (That's the second time in this tournament that a low-odds AFV CC attack has helped secure me victory!)

Still, it came down to the last CCPh of the game to secure the Belgian win, and there was definitely a non-zero chance that one last German HS might have achieved the laurels -- but it was not to be.

A corker of a scenario. Recommended.

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