ATF: DeltaPooh's Vehicle Pack Available


Sep 2, 2002
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This is a simple pack containing an assortment of pieces I've made over time for one reason or another over the past couple of months. You'll find the following pieces

- AH-64 Chassis with Longbow Rotor
- M198 155mm Towed Howitzer with M939A2 5-ton and M1084 truck (improved from those sent to KBluck (made the towed M198 wider to better replicate size relevant to hauler.)
- CH-47D "Chinook" Medium Lift Utility Helicopter
- CH-53E "Super Stallion" Heavy-Lift Utility Helicopter with rotor
- UH-60L "BlackHawk" Light Utility Helicopter with rotor
- MH-60K Special Operations Helicopter
- ZPU-4 AA towed with UAZ469 (not in database)
- Pioneer UAV (not in database; still debating specs)
- M1025 HMMWV with Mk-19 40mm and M2 .50cal turrets *
- M966 TOW HMMWV with TOW-2 turret *
- M998 HMMWV *
- M1037 HMMWV with and without trailer
- M939A2 5-ton truck (not in database)
- M119A1 105mm with M1069 HMMWV towed piece
- M4 C2V
- LAV-25
- M-142 HIMARS

The HIMARS will be a neat feature for those in love with Stryker. I spent most of my free time today thinking about the Pioneer and UAVs in general in ATF. I'm working on the Fire Scout (VTUAV). The problem is field of view and survivalibility. IMHO, they might be best employed in determining where the enemy isn't. That's because once they start buzzy around enemy positions, the little guys might have an unpleasant collision with bullets. Any advice would be helpful.

I've included a patch that will overwrite the veh and pca files in Kbluck's database. This will allow you to use the vehicles without having to import with a hex editor.

DP Pack