AAR - The Final Assault - L'Ultime Assaut - TAC66

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Apr 27, 2018
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I was working on my investments when Walt said he wanted to play a game. My investment strategy is to collect as many sD Attempt counters as possible. Due to their rarity, I foresee them becoming the Beanie Babies of the ASL world!!!

We played The Last Assault. In Berlin, German cadets launch a counterattack in front of the Reichstag. The game board is heavily modified boards 6 and 23. Please note, if you have the Coastal Fortress version of the map, overlay X18 is missing!

Germans get a bunch of 548s and an 88 AA. A HMG and MMG are upstairs in the Reichstag.


The Soviets have a mix of squads in a couple buildings, and a 76 ART and HMG on the other side of the canal. An ISU152 and T34/85 join in later.

The Germans have to take 5 stone building locations. 4 should be easy, as there are no Soviets in them to start. All of the other possible locations are Fortified.

Walt wanted the Soviets. He set up a squad in the road on the other side of the canal to make a dash for the canal bridge. My turn 1 Prep Fire, I got a 2 KIA on him.

I sent a bunch of squads towards the buildings near the canal. A good shot from the ART reduced a squad, and broke my 8-0 and another squad. On my left, 5 squads ran to the flooded anti-tank ditch.

R1, Walt was relatively cautious about moving up his troops from the back building. I did break one 527 with my Reichstag MGs.

G2, I get into the two stone buildings by the canal. The Soviet sniper, Yuri, wounds my 9-1. A good Advancing Fire shot breaks his ART crew. One 548 squad moves way over on my left flank.

R2, Walt is using his 9-2 to try to rally broken squads. Channeling his inner Commissar, he shoots a HS instead. The German sniper, Karl, DMs his ART crew. A shot from the Reichstag into a fortified building breaks a squad, and makes an LMG squad go Berserk. I knock two squads out of a fortified hex by the canal.

G3, a Soviet squad by the canal breaks and reduces when interdicted. But a hit from the ISU-152 gives a K/4, which totally messes up a big stack by the canal. I do end the turn with control of the fortified building by the canal. I also finish off the Berserker in CC. I am able to DM his ART crew.

R3, The ISU-152 earns a Low Ammo counter. I roll a ‘12’ when attacking on the 36 column and can’t break the last squad by the canal.

The Berserk 447 has leave a perfectly good fortified stone building to charge my 548 in a shellhole on the left.

Despite two shots at -2 DRM, he makes it in unscathed. But I reduce him in CC.

G4, I am occupying a rubble hex and a fortified building across from the Soviets, who are also in a fortified building. I have been breaking a couple squads with MG fire from the Reichstag, and even his 9-2 isn’t helping his rally attempts, so generally he can do no better than a shot on the 14 column against my fortified building.

My Berserker-killer squad picks up the Soviet LMG and runs forward like they heard it is Free Bratwurst Day. Only a 628 can fire at him. If I make it past him, I will get into a victory building in his rear!

Walt rolls snake eyes. It’s been that kind of war...

Since I totally believe in reinforcing success – and failure – my 7-0 and a 548 decide to run the same direction. I can’t get into the building across the street, but I do occupy stone rubble on my side of the street.

R4, the ART crew finally rallies! But Karl the sniper pins him before he can advance back to his gun. The ISU-152 breaks its gun. A hit from the T-34 breaks some of my guys,

but all of my previously broken ones are back and ready to move back in.

G5, Walt fixes the ISU-152 gun. I deploy the lone squad on the left for a mad rush across the street. I get away with an AM adjacent to a HS in the street when he cowers. My 7-0 and the other 238 run the long way, but the T-34 turns his turret and nails them with a 4 flat from his CMG. The 238 dies, the 7-0 loses his nerve, breaks and ELRs to a 6+1, and routs to rubble to try to find civilian clothes to change into.


Three squads run into a rubble hex adjacent to Walt’s fortified building in the middle. One 548 breaks, one pins, but the 447 passes, so I can advance in against his pinned 628, which also will DM some guys.

The ISU-152 fires at me again, and X’s out his gun.

My Advancing Fire breaks the HS in the street, and I get my 238 into the fortified building!

Nothing happens in the fortified building CC.

R5, Walt finally gets his ART piece back. And rolls a 12 in Prep with it. Then Sniper Karl breaks the crew!

Even though I just have pesky weak units in two of the buildings, Walt has to divert squads badly needed to shoot at my squads to deal with them. I lose both building hexes in CC, but eliminate 1-1/2 squads while doing so!

G6, I break his HMG guys on the other side of the canal. His 628s can’t get a result in Prep, and the T-34 misses again. He concedes. He isn’t going to be able to take back the fortified building in one turn, and I have a DC that I am eager to throw should he try to rush the building. I end the game with control of 8 more stone building locations. 5 are needed to win.

There is no mention of the 88 AA because it didn’t do anything. It has Low Ammo, and shooting into fortified stone buildings while starting at a 2 TH seemed like a bad plan. I had a LOS to one of the two shellhole hexes he would have to enter, so as long as it wasn’t malf’ed, he had to worry about it.

This was bloody. I lost 5-1/2 squads.

The 76 ART got one hit, then was kept out of action the rest of the game. The Soviet HMG didn’t do much. Walt's rally attempts were terrible.

I thought Walt should have pushed harder to get the 9-2 and his boyz into the canal buildings early. He only had 4 squads with no SWs there, and once he lost the building, he wasn’t able to shoot me out from two hexes away.

Because of my victory, the following never happened:


This scenario and board does have a nice Berlin feel, and was a lot of fun to play. Both sides have enough stuff to have options, and there were attack/ counterattack battles going on all over the board. Highly recommended!

German 3, Russian 2 on ROAR.

Pic from the end of the game below.