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Apr 27, 2018
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I have been busy searching for a new career, but I took some time off to play a game with Gunny. I have picked up a few job hunting tips that I thought I would share to keep you from making the same mistakes as me:

Don’t give as references the starting lineup of the Harlem Globetrotters.

Don’t say, “If you hire me, I will share with you my secret tips for catching lunker bass!”Under ‘Achievement You Are Most Proud Of’, don’t write ‘Led company in assassinations three years straight’.

Don’t tell them that you need the week of ASLOK off, as it is a religious holiday for you.

Don’t wear your ‘Make Austro-Hungary Great Again’ hat to your interview.

Jim had picked Red Ruin Roulette for our last game, so I wanted to play Knock, Knock, also from KGS, by our own Justiciar. Germans have to eliminate an immobilized Matilda.


The Soviets can still win if the tank is destroyed by controlling the block at game end.

Jim took the heroic Germans again.

When I looked at this, I thought that the Matilda would get croaked early, so my goal was to try to take rubble hexes and control the block. The Matilda suffers from Ammo Shortage, until an Ammo Counter is carried there. I gave it to the 228, my best morale unit.

This uses a limited board area, so my troops were more piled up than I liked. Prep Fire broke two German squads on the right. I assaulted the right side, slogging one unit at a time through shellholes and mud. Jim put down a fire lane, plus he shot well. Every moving unit broke, including the 228.

I advanced a couple 426s adjacent to his power MMG stack in the center. They got shot up, but it kept some of my broken conscripts from being DMed. Return fire did break one of his squads.

With a couple of my broken units rallied, I lurched forward again. More broken conscripts. I did shoot up a 7-0 and squad that were sneaking up on Matilda.

More lurching, and another broken German squad and a broken German MMG. By now, I had gotten the Ammo Counter adjacent to the tank. Jim conceded. He had about 6 squads broken or eliminated, and even though I had little left, I did have some units in position to protect the tank. Any German unit that broke stayed broken.

If he had been able to eliminate the tank, I was too weak to be able to take enough hexes to control the block.

Interesting choices for both sides. I liked it; Jim did not. I think that the Germans have to push for the tank on turn 1. This played quick.

3R-5G on ROAR.