Ed Donoghue

Aug 3, 2019
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Recently completed this scenario with long time (like pre SL) friend/opponent Ken We diced for sides, I got Axis, a mixed bag of 2nd line & C MMCs (10/7), 4 leaders, one @ -1, 1 HMG, 4 LMGs & 6 ?s. The Big Red One sent 18 1st line MMCs, 4 E HS, 4 leaders, a -2 & 3 -1s, supported by 2 each MMG, BAZ 44, FT, & DC. VC was for US, moving first & entering on south edge to control 7 of 10 bldg. locations near the north edge. Map z had 6 locations & 76 had 4 in a 6 & 1/2 turn infantry operation. SSR #2 allowed the Axis player to secretly alter his unit mix, add fortifications, and/or change VCs. I chose option 2, changing VC from 7 to 8 bldgs., adding 4 fortifications and designating 2 MMCs as Fanatic.

Made 3 board locations on z and 1 on board 76 Fortified. Ken concentrated most of his troops, both FTs & both DCs on board z with 5 MMCs, 2 HSs, an 8-1 & a 9-1, 2 BAZ & a MMG starting on board 76. I used most of the ?s and a few HSs in forward locations to try to slow the big US MMCs. Some did their job, some didn't.

Lost 1 of my Fanatics to a PIN followed next turn by a PFPh snakes on a 20 up 1 from 6 hexes. In return I did manage to keep the FTs Pinned or broke all game, & I didn't need to reveal a Fortified hex and the VC increase till Allied turn 5. I lost 5/6 on z in Allied 6, the last on that board, defended by a Conscript HS was routed in the bottom of the 6th. Also in the Allied 6th, now needing 2 of 4 bldgs. on board 76 the units within 2 moves of the 3 bldgs at the bottom of board 76 positioned themselves to overwhelm 2 of 3 of those locations. I used turn 6 to improve lines of fire of my LMGs & MMCs around the last bldg group. My average dice luck made a radical change in Allied 7, so did my opponent's. The Allied MPh ended with 2 HSs & 4 MMCs either broke or pinned & only a single MMC was left for an assault.

I love scenarios that are not decided till the final roll of the last turn.

With 5 choices of SSR2 options, I think this one will be played differently every time you set it up.