A Southern Affair


Apr 13, 2006
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*Fictitious* summer of 1780. A single battle campaign. General
Cornwallis' army is attempting to crush the rebellion in the
southern colonies. General Gates' army is resisting. The town
of Goshen is Gates' base of operation. He doesn't want to lose
it, but more importantly he doesn't want to lose the supplies
he has gathered there. General Cornwallis wishes to capture or
destroys the supplies. He hopes by occupying Goshen he can put
out the flames of rebellion in the region. This battle has the
forces that fought near Camden in 1780, but the map is totally
fictitious. Players will be given three choices, and the results
of these choices will form the scenario. Each army has approximately
3,000 men with infantry, militia, cavalry, and artillery. The
OOB was created by Patrick Mullen. He has historical scenarios
located at Games Squad. I highly recommend them. Best played
H2H, or with the human player as the Americans.

Players will see two "battles" in this campaign. The first is a parade review of thier own forces, but not the enemies, and the map. The second will be the full battle. Players each have three options to chose from, with a possibility of nine different battles. It is recommended to play as the Americans, or play H2H as the game's AI doesn't handle exit objective hexes well, and there are no AI scripts written. I hope you enjoy it.
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