1. JLStewart1778

    R.G.G. Presents...Zombies!!! The RPG Season 2 Episode 1

    Tonight R.G.G. Presents Zombies!!! The RPG Season 2 Episode 1 "They're Coming for You... Lisa"! Using Savage Worlds Roleplaying System, Zombacalypse from Silver Gryphon-Games and maps from my friend Charles White at Fabled Environments! When: 9:00pm EST Where: www.twitch.tv/robsgamegroup...
  2. Scott Tortorice

    Left 4 Dead

    This looks like another good game: Left 4 Dead Video Put together two hours of that, and you would probably have one of the best zombie movies of all time! Good stuff! Also, like Fallout 3, L4D is engaging in an aggressive, mainstream marketing campaign. Jeez, we seem to be going from...