1. BayonetBrant

    Virtual/Online Wargaming Convention 13-15 January

    "What's The ACDC?" An online/virtual game convention! Every January, the Armchair Dragoons hold a virtual convention, with 2-1/2 days of wargaming, talk shows, history presentations, pickup events, and learn-to-play/bootcamps for gamers. We use Discord as the 'home base' for the convention...
  2. WuWei

    VASLeague 2023

    Hello everyone! I'm in the process of preparing the VASLeague 2023. If you participated in the Ersatz VASLeague 2022 (and didn't ask me to remove you and didn't have too many forfeits), you will be automatically part of the VASLeague 2023. I will publish the list of participants soon. If you...
  3. Twixtfanatic

    Vassal is great for post mortem analysis! Twixt advertisement

    I wrote a Vassal module for Twixt, and today I finally got someone to play in real time on the server. I really like the undo button! It allows players to look at what might have happened in other variations after the game is over. Of course, Vassal does not recognize when the game is over...
  4. L

    Opponent wanted for FtF, PBEM, and/or Vassal live

    Hey all! I am a relatively new but experienced ASL player looking to fill my roster up with games. I would generally like to play experienced people at the game and would appreciate them being patient with some of my unfamiliarity with some of the rules, though I think I am pretty solid on...
  5. Blackcloud6

    AIW for Cyberboard or VASSAL

    I'm looking for a Cyberboard or VASSAL module for The Arab-Israeli Wars. Can anyone point me to one?