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    OVHS Gun Question

    Hi Guys, Like in most CGs, during refit, you can only move a GUN 3 hexes from where it was previously (unless hooked up). We are playing that it CAN be moved even if set up in fortified location. RB has a special rule that prohibits this , but dont see one in OVHS. Anyone have a problem...
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    OVHS - Smoke is crucial-why no SSR?

    Hi Kevin and John S, Have another question for ya that is even more important. As I begin to figure out my attack plan as the Canadian, and reading several historical references covering this battle, I am extremely concerned. In the designer notes, John writes: "the Canadians, in order to...
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    OVHS - Turn One of CG, Canadian Creeping Barrages:

    HI Guys, Any designers (JOhn, Ken, etc) out there? CG - Initial Scenario Special Rules: I.2 The Canadians receive three 100+mm Creeping Barrages (E12.7) which begin on turn 1. So, does that supersede E12.72 where you must draw a chit and roll to see if the barrage starts 'on time' or...
  4. samtyson


    Any known errata already for this? In particular, can the British deploy more than two squads in Matter Born? Thanks!