1. kawaiku

    Is Nintendo Dominating the Console Wars Still???

    So after I watched the Luigi's death stare video I scrolled down to see the comments (because lets face it, Youtube comments are highly entertaining) and came across an interesting discussion... I think I stated this before somewhere here, but Nintendo is the only gaming company that still...
  2. Marty Ward

    Wirelss router for Wii

    Anyone know which wirless routers will work with the Wii? My current one is to old and the Wii won't connect through it.
  3. Dr Zaius

    Japanese Wii sales hit 7 million

    Wii is still selling very well, but sales are starting to decline.
  4. Cheo

    Is the Nintendo Wii a blast?

    Hi all I want to get the Wii at some point after Xmas, but I'm not sure if it worth it. It is the Wii worth the money? Is it really a new experience? Do you look forward for the next game when you are at work? How do you find gaming with Wii? Well, I hope you can tell how much do you...
  5. Dr Zaius

    Gamestop's Wii reservation program

    We reported yesterday that Gamestop is offering a program allowing anyone who wants a Wii to get one by the end of January. Gamestop has now clarified how the program will work, including word that the event will be limited to Friday, December 21st...
  6. Dr Zaius

    Wii could be top selling console ever
  7. Dr Zaius

    Is Wii still very difficult to get where you live?

    Have you seen the Wii for sale where you live, or is it still very difficult to find?