madden nfl

  1. KingNothing12

    Madden 10

    Finally Madden 10 has been released. I went to the midnight release last night and played until 3 or 4 in the morning. I think this game is in the running for sports game of the year. The game is filled with minor improvements to make it an overall exellent game. itfiXuR2dR4 Anyone else...
  2. Dr Zaius

    Things are getting ugly for Madden football

    It's a shame that a game as popular as the Madden NFL Football series is being drug down into the depths of endless litigation, but that's the the lay of the land these days. The NFL Players Association was recently sued by retired players because their likenesses were used in the game. A...
  3. Blackcloud6

    Madden 09

    Anyone got Madden 09? Do you like it? I was thinking of getting the collector's ed to get Head Coach too.
  4. helpme!

    Madden 07 Online

    K so, ill be playing online against somone, and everything is running smoothly, connections are good. Then all of a sudden if im winning at the end of the game, my conection is lost and i am given the loss? For example just last night I was playing, and winning 24-23. i was letting the time run...
  5. Chas

    Madden 2006 create a playbook

    In previous versions the created playbooks automatically loaded and were available in the franchise mode. Cant seem to get my playbook to even be a choice for 2006 franchise. Can anyone offer any help? Thanks, chas
  6. B

    Madden 06

    im hoping some people with madden 06 will post here there names and get some online games started.:up: i forgot my name ill post it l8r.:up:
  7. B

    Madden 06

    Does any1 here have madden 06 and is a good game? Post your comments here.:up:
  8. F

    Madden 06

    is it going to be wifi?