1. sc4joe

    Two College Guys and a HT....

    Question No 1: If i have a HS/SQ in a M3(MMG), or any other HT or vehicle, is there a rule that restricts the number of times I can unload and reload back in MPh? HT is stopped and haven't expended any MPs. The Passenger unloads and reenters the HT for 2MFs and proceeds to repeat this once more...
  2. C

    observers and mortar carriers

    Can mortars in carriers and/or halftracks use spotted fire like other mortars ?
  3. tunixx

    What is the effect of fire on a halftrack in melee ?

    Please take a look at the attached picture: The 2-2-8 is overrun by a US halftrack (No effect). The halftrack choses to stay in that hex. The 2-2-8 gets a chance to kill the halftrack in CC but fails. So the 2-2-8 is held in melee by the halftrack, but the halftrack is NOT held in melee by...