1. T

    ASLSK FtF in Pittsburg, PA May 24-26?

    I will be in that area those dates and would like to try to get in an ASLSK game. I will be attending the weekly gamer's meeting Friday at the Giant Eagle and that will likely be the best opportunity for me. I am comfortable with all rules except hedgerows, and would love to play a combined-arms...
  2. F

    Live FTF Opponent sought in savannah, GA

    Savannah - Live FTF Opponent sought in savannah, GA I'm in town for a few weeks and want to play a scenario or two. Will be here until just after Thanksgiving 2014. Savannah, GA
  3. R

    FtF Opponents wanted in Sacramento, CA....please

    FtF Opponents wanted in Sacramento, CA... NM... If your thinking of moving to CA and are into Historical Wargaming... think twice, It is NOT like back east... Thanks E
  4. L

    Looking for FTF in Central Maryland or Annapolis

    Getting back into ASL after a long while and hoping to find someone semi-local for FTF play. I'm interested in ASLSK and ASL proper. Hope I can keep them straight. I live in Sykesville, but will soon be working in Annapolis, so anything along the MD art 32 corridor is probably good...
  5. Shamus2d6

    FTF Opponents Wanted Derbyshire UK

    Here goes a Forlorn hope! I have just moved to Duffield, Derbyshire ASL kit safely in place. Just kinda wondering whether there are FTF players in the area. I have pretty well most kit and a fair array of HASL's including LFT's HASL's. I have been an on off player for many years; now I am...