1. KG_Jag

    BF Confirmation of Family Tree of Second Family of CM x 2 WW II Games

    For Bulge we are currently planning: Module 1 = Commonwealth Module 2 = Spring 1945 Module 3 = Misc. stuff As for the content of Module 3 it's similar to the way we're planning Module 3 for CM:BN... we're keeping it flexible until we get to it. For the Bulge's Module 3 I could see things...
  2. H

    CMx2: Massive Mutational Fail, Misunderstood Chrysalis or Evolutionary Species?

    I have been extremely turned off by the petty drivel and ad hominem attacks that have emerged as the standard of discussion on these boards as of late. While appalled by this behavior yet still interested in the game itself, without any other forum that suitable for discussions that interest...
  3. Michael Dorosh

    More retrograde action in CM Modules Interesting thread. We keep talking about the prospect of CM:N adding more features that CM:SF had stripped out of CM:X1, and yet the trend now seems to be that the CMX2 game engine itself is in retrograde? Or are these...
  4. KG_Jag

    Battlefront's CM x 2 Road Map

    Here's the thread which is currently 10 pages long: I have posted the key (in this case almost all) of the Battlefront (Steve) posts in this thread on our KG forum here: