asl overlays

  1. RandyT0001

    Will U B Waylaid on the Hill Overlay?

    Hill extension for hill 547 and 534 on board 3. 1 on 3I3 and 2 on 3J3 for the base hill overlay. Be careful when trimming for connection to 3K5, don't overtrim too much too soon. The five hex half moon overlays #1 on 3G6, #2 on 3G5. The two hex hill goes in the same location while the single hex...
  2. RandyT0001

    More Wasted Effort on Overlays

    I made another overlay. This one is for board 2, the one with the hills. The sheet has two extensions which bridge the gap between the two hills. One has a roadway over the hills and the other does not have a road crossing the hills. The vegetation associated with this area on the board are...
  3. paulkenny

    online list of overlays

    is there an online list of overlays and what they are ie x21 is a ?? hex wooden building, etc Thanks
  4. paulkenny

    Need Overlay

    We need an airfield overlay or two.
  5. footsteps

    Graphical Overlay Archive

    Is there a graphical archive of overlays, going back to the original SL ones? Alan
  6. Faded 8-1

    The exciting world of overlay storage

    So I bought a photo album (the 'magnetic' kind, with the cellophane flaps that fold over the tacky cardboard) thinking it would be a good way to store my overlays. There's two problems with it. One, it's not big enough to hold the large overlays, like the ocean overlays, the rice paddies, etc...