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    embryonic PTO ASL rules 1989

    I'm envisioning the war dogs HS counters, complete with a Doberman , and in color no doubt if it were created by Broken Ground Designs.
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    embryonic PTO ASL rules 1989

    I'm surprised that the war dogs haven't been portrayed in PTO ASL. I can see the dobies adding an interesting component to night scenarios.
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    ASLOK 2019 photos

    I would love to use those, if only there was a reasonably priced source for Raaco on my continent.
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    Francis Currey WWII MOH Recipient Dies at Age 94

    Thanks for sharing this article. I still have the Francis Currey GI Joe in its original packaging. Rest in Peace, soldier.
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    No SDKFZ. 135/1 in the countermix?

    Thanks for sharing the article... I was especially intrigued by the British 'scrap yard ' photo. I'm amazed at the amount of DAK vehicles which were captured in such apparently repairable condition. The Danish soldier's photos were very interesting as well.
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    Korean HASL from LFT!

    The USMC counter art is excellent! The images remind me of that famous photograph taken during the battle of Okinawa. The 'napalm Corsair ' will no doubt come in handy during other Korea scenarios as well.
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    Hatten CG - it's a junkyard

    Excellent reference material. I need to get around to playing this HASL .
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I loved this one. My favorite night and partisan scenario of all time!
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    B-17 crashes and burns in Hartford CT, USA

    I have fond memories of touring this aircraft over the years whenever it pays a visit to our small local airport. As I recall, when the Nine-O-Nine has visited, very often USAAF veterans have been among the passengers on the 30 minute flights. Such an immeasurable loss for so many people and...
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    Poll: How's your local ASL club doing?

    In response to: 1) I have been very fortunate to have been playing ASL with the (apparently) only other ASL player in my town for the past 6 years. I'm fairly certain that the two of us don't really meet the definition of an ASL club. The nearest established ASL club is over 200 miles away...
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    VFTT107 Released

    Thank you so much Pete for completing this week's trifecta of ASL excellence.
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    Explanation of Broken Ground Design's Counter Art

    Very nice! I like the shade of green on those.
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    Explanation of Broken Ground Design's Counter Art

    Very impressive! Do you have any closeups of the USMC counter sheets?
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    More "real" SMC names please

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    More "real" SMC names please

    Samsung and Hyundai could be suitable as well for the ROK SMC'S.