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    Da Paul Challenge

    The '02SS armoured aerosan', a prototype built in 1940-41 by the TsKB-50 (Leningrad) design bureau. Powered by the same 850 hp M103a aircraft engine used on the Tupolev SB bomber. The turret is from the T-40 light tank, with a 23mm cannon in place of the usual 12.7mm DShK machine gun. The...
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    AAR - Killer Kloskowski - DB117

    Wow! A color photo of some of the most notorious perpetrators of the Final Solution posing with a soon-to-be-executed child. What part of this is supposed to be funny? I enjoy 'edgy' humor as much as the next guy, however this is WAY beyond poor taste.
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    Pacific CGs without USMC

    This would be amusing if I didn't think you were serious. The Sand Pebbles is certainly one of my favorite films, however the BAR-wielding fictional character of Petty Officer Holman should not in any way be perceived as being an infantryman, nor as an example of your claim as to the...
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    Pacific CGs without USMC

    What have you been smoking? After reading your claims, I reviewed several sources regarding Medals Of Honor awarded during WWII and I discovered the following. During the time frame of the fall of the Philippines/Corregidor (1941-42) exactly ONE Medal Of Honor was awarded to a member of the...
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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Yes, the illustrations are a huge help. If more folks read or reviewed this article, perhaps they would be less hesitant about playing the night scenarios.
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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    I'm re-reading the excellent article 'Bring On The Night' in order to refresh my night rules memory as I prepare to dive in to some very interesting Korean War scenarios.
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    Vic Provost needs your help

    This is wonderful news! The update on issue 47 is pretty cool too.
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    Routing question

    I vaguely recall a detailed article regarding routing which was published in one of the journals or annuals. I've been meaning to refresh my memory on these rules as I'm sure I may have been erroneous in some of my rout path movements. What was the name of that article?
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    Geoboards - ideas wanted

    I absolutely agree with all of your points, especially the 'paintball park' analogy.
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    What makes a good HASL?

    No doubt I'm stating the obvious, though in my opinion, HASL's should be just that, 'historical', not theoretical (TASL?). I have zero interest in Sea Lion, Downfall, the German invasion of Malta, or Patton's assault on Soviet-occupied Berlin. Especially when Kohima has yet to see the light...
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    The ASL Book Club

    All of the Korean War recommendations given so far are excellent choices. I cannot recommend the USMC historical series highly enough. It is very informative with plenty of first hand accounts to hold your interest. Best of all, it is available on line as a free download! Here are a few...
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    What makes a good HASL?

    My preference for a 'Good HASL ' is one which depicts a battle which has not yet received much attention within the ASL system and which includes a reasonably accurate map... preferably on 1" hexes. I would also prefer a variety of terrain types beyond just another urban slugfest. Some...
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    Forgotten War Korea Plano Template

    I lived on Camp Hansen for the first time (1st. Bn. 9th Marines) in 1979-80. We were on the far north end of the base, near the Comm. Bn., I still remember walking past the ancient Okinawan tombs on the way to the back gate to Kin-ville. By best times on the island were the summer weekends...
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    Any interest in "print your own" turret counters?

    If anyone considered this idea, that would explain why it has not been implemented.
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    Dispatches from the Bunker Series Questions

    Well done! I would love to print a hard copy of this list... I forgot to play some of the Bouganville and the Tunisia series apparently.