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    ASL New Year's Resolution(s)

    I've chosen to acknowledge my current state of ASL burn-out, and take a break from the game in order to focus on my 1/35 scale and 1/350 scale modeling hobby. Actually, I began my hiatus a few months ago. I fully expect to be rejuvenated by the time the Manila HASL is released.
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    A Sad Day

    Such heartbreaking news... his wit and knowledge undoubtedly touched all of us in some way. Rest In Peace, Paul... I will miss you tremendously.
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    Silly After Action Report - Easy Meat

    "a tank with a tumour"... Classic!
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    Silly After Action Report - Paper Tigers

    Another delightful example of literary humor from the NSW! "every gang of militaristic right wing thugs needs a cave specialist"... "off jagering across the karst"... After a crummy day/week, I really appreciated this AAR. Thanks again! :).
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    Scenario Translations for GI: AoV Scenarios 91-100?

    Now that sounds Excellent!
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    US Army Infantry Battalion/Regiment HQ Company personnel

    Whoever claimed that it was?
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Wow! So apparently shipping costs for my order (destination: west coast of the U.S. and the same number of items btw) is actually $2 more than shipment to Australia. Way to go MMP! I have just responded to your business model by cancelling my pre-order for FKaC and have ordered it from...
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    US Army Infantry Battalion/Regiment HQ Company personnel

    Or perhaps the dialogue depicted in the film is nothing more than a Hollywood interpretation of what is a prime example of the type of ball-busting that occurs on a virtually daily basis in the Marine Corps. Probably not the type of character assessment that should be taken as gospel...
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    Veterans Day Sale

    And just to mention again, my order was for 3 items, one of which was in 'zip lock' form. If all 3 items were 'boxed' and not in zip lock, would MMP charge shipping at the rate of 80 to 90% of the product price instead of the 75% rate assessed on my order? No wonder some of the overseas...
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    US Army Infantry Battalion/Regiment HQ Company personnel

    On the other hand, Rene Gagnon managed to survive the battle of Iwo Jima, in an environment which I can only imagine would have been extremely hazardous to his survival, notwithstanding his company runner status. Admittedly, I've only read Flags of Our Fathers once, and viewed the movie 2 or 3...
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    Veterans Day Sale

    So... This evening I selected 3 non-ASL products which were listed in this sale. The sale prices are certainly a significant discount from the normal retail prices listed. My order subtotal for these 3 products (one of which was in 'zip lock' form) was $40. When I proceeded to the checkout on...
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    The ASL Book Club

    I've found the maps in this book to be serviceable enough, though not as highly detailed as those in some other publications. IMO, these maps have been far more useful than those within 'Demolishing The Myth', which essentially gave me enough of a headache to where I began shopping for a...
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    The ASL Book Club

    I've just started 'Tower of Skulls' by Richard B. Frank. This is the first volume of a planned 3 book series on the history of the Asia-Pacific War. Tower of Skulls covers the period from the July 1937 conflict in China through the fall of the Philippines in May of 1942. I thoroughly enjoyed...
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    Best first/early HASLs?

    My suggestions for a first HASL would be: Hatten in Flames from MMP easy to grasp, lots of armor for both sides, reasonably balanced. If you're looking for an urban battlefield which is not as complex or large as Red Barricades, I would heartily recommend the Operation Turnscrew HASL/CG from...
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    For King & Country reprint

    Yes, the new box art is quite nice, and in addition to your examples, I would add my personal favorite, that of Forgotten War. As for the Italians, perhaps some depiction of Bersaglieri and an M13/40 or two would be appropriate. If Ken Smith is the artist, I have no doubt that the artwork will...