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    Television: What shows are you currently watching?

    Season 3 of which show?
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    Your Military Historian Sucks

    I watched this last week on PBS, an excellent and heartbreaking account of the war and its effect upon the civilian population and their society. Highly recommended.
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    The ASL Book Club

    I'll have to search my collection, I'm not sure if I have any Friendly Fire scenarios.
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    The ASL Book Club

    Today I finished 'Battleground Prussia' by Prit Buttar. This book is a fascinating yet somber account of the Soviet assault on Germany's eastern frontier during 1944-45, and also details the immediate post-war years within this region. I highly recommend reading this book after finishing Mr...
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    Let's see a picture of your bookcase

    Very nice American Civil War selection! Too bad I can't zoom in to see your Osprey collection, I must have nearly a hundred of those.
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    Rules question on M3A1 US vehicle

    BTW, that new Tamiya kit is AWESOME!
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    Bounding Fire 2020 - Blackpool, UK. November 2020

    I never get tired of watching that video!
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    Broken Ground Design Thread

    Chapter H, in its current format, is absolutely essential for the effective use of the vehicles and ordnance within the ASL system. There are numerous examples of vehicles/weapons in this game which possess characteristics and limitations too numerous to be described on a 5/8" piece of...
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    The Missing Panzers...

    It would seem that if the Pzkw If were ever to appear within the ASL system, its size would probably place this vehicle within the 'Tankette' category (i.e. the Russian T-70). As it stands now, the rules (D6.2) prohibit tankettes from transporting passengers. The 'no riders on tankettes' rule...
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    Historical - geomaps

    I would love to see more 'desert based' boards and scenarios which use them.
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    Rat Pocket Charts v3

    A proofreading error: The first page of the Nationality Traits, the header: 'Word War II National Capabilities Chart' (sp.). I'm very pleased with the new layout and especially glad to see the Chapter W /Korean War terrain and LC flowchart.
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    Prioritizing Hozan Storage - Suggestions Needed

    Whatever you wish, I find them useful for armor leaders, BGD sniper counters, crews, etc.
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    Chapter H ASL pocket book on the way

    ... and the reprint of For King and Country, and the Ponyri HASL ("over 17 years in development")....
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    The ASL Book Club

    I recently finished 'Between Giants' by Prit Buttar, which describes the fighting in the Baltic states during WWII. Definitely one of the most detailed and 'readable' accounts of the fighting on the Eastern front which I have ever read. Includes a wealth of background information about the pre...
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    Next Pocket Edition Rulebook Pre-requisites?

    At first glance, the 3 volume proposal certainly seems logical. However, when considering MMP's product inventory history over the years, there is a distinct probability that one or more of these volumes will be out of print for extended periods of time in the years to come.