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    BG Counters etc - time for its own subforum?

    Agreed! The thread should be titled appropriately .... 'Voenny's BG Cotners'
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    The ASL Book Club

    I've been enjoying a bit of reading about the Korean War during the past few weeks. 'To The Last Round ' by Andrew Salmon A very interesting account of the actions involving the British forces in the vicinity of the Imjin River. A fascinating back story to the scenarios 'Gloster Hill, Seoul...
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    Looking for Overlay Rv1

    Thank you both! I don't think that I looked in that box.
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    Looking for Overlay Rv1

    I'm playing the scenarios in the Lone Canuck Anzio-1944 FSSF pack, and I am unable to locate the ' Rv1 ' overlay which is required to play scenario WCR 4, Hold At All Cost! My only list of ASL overlays is on P. 13 of Journal 4, which is probably not up to date. I've searched through all of my...
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    What sort of vehicle notes do you prefer?

    I prefer Paul's suggestion. Please, no separate or additional pages per vehicle note! My page -protected Chapter H binder (which includes the plethora of BFP vehicle/aircraft notes) already weighs as much as a .30 cal. ammo can.
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    Anyone know good RUSSIAN films on WW2 that have at least some semblance of reality :P

    Personally, I enjoyed seeing the Heinkel 111's which were borrowed from the Spanish air force. I had the pleasure of actually visiting the inside of one of the HE-111's from this film when the aircraft visited the Chino Air Show several years ago. The aircraft which I toured had at one time...
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    "Unknown Soldier" Finnish war movie

    It's also available to rent on Amazon video. The trailer looks excellent!
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    I concur with your sound advice. That is exactly the approach which I used to win as the French when I played this scenario last year.
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    AREA : a small info

    Only one of the many cringe-inducing moments within 'The Green Berets'.
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    Valor of the Guards on Pre Order!!!

    Hey! No VOTG pre-order until after FKaC reaches its P#. :)
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    Forgotten War Q & A.

    A question for the designers of Forgotten War regarding W7.8, Bugles. Was there any consideration of providing some type of 'Bugle' info counter which would serve as a reminder that bugles had been sounded during a player turn? I have a tendency to forget this especially when pausing a game in...
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    The A-Z of ASL and WWII

    VT fuses.
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    Forgotten War Q & A.

    I'm preparing to play ASL 210, This is Where We Stand. I have a question regarding the end of SSR 1 ...'cliffs do not exist '. Would a former cliff hex side such as those within 2S7 and 2T6 be treated as a 'double crest' hex side (B10.52), such as that in hex 82K1 ? Thank you!
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    The A-Z of ASL and WWII

    Ridgway, Major General Matthew.
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    From the Cellar # 9

    Very nice to see a few more North Africa scenarios included... Looking forward to the release of this one!