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    The Battle of Midway 3D

    Let´s see... Jessica Biel will be the love interest in the movie. :D Director Michael Bay assures that the shower scene will bring the 3D technology to a new level viewers haven´t seen before. Nicholas Cage is speculated to take the role of a grizzled war hero, a retired Lt.cmdr with...
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    More bad calls at the Blown Cup -- Is it time for goal line technology?

    Clearly not. Assistant referees usually have much harder times spotting offside positions so this not given goal which was quite easily to spot was just a big human error. In the end video replays aren´t needed because football is drama, football is referee errors, football is goalkeeper errors...
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    Congratulations for making it to the eight finals

    Couldn´t watch the afternoon matches because i had to get a fresh set of bandages. :( Only heard the commentaries remark that the referee was the best man in the England-Slovenia match which says a lot considering some of the fabolous referee failures that were allowed to participate in the...
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    Ghost in the Shell script status update

    How is that supposed to work when producers expect it to become a success? :laugh: Ghost in the Shell is great, always gets me in the mood for some Neotokyo (Hl² mod). Best Movie-Game adaption sofar imho. Anyway hearing some Yoko Kanno works always has me bowing down to her greatness. Would a...