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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    Feeling the itch Olli? You know GWASL is calling your name!😊
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    I’d like to see those Mark. Was weighing ordering the Rarities for the Hungarian rocket launchers.
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    Scenario Translations for GI: AoV Scenarios 91-100?

    Hope to see these in print Bruce! I remember playtesting a couple at Winter Offensive many years ago. It will be nice to see these officially in print
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    Decision on WO2021?

    How about the new Journal Perry? Are you given odds for releasing it around WO time?
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    Just bought Genesis III and Magach '73.

    I really like both Genesis and Magach. Now waiting on the latest Annual the last few GWASL modules to ship. Inshallah something for Thanksgiving perhaps.
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    What's Next?

    I’m also eagerly awaiting your next product Steve! Hoping it’s the armored train module??
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    For King & Country reprint

    I agree Robin. This box is a classic and deserves to be on the reprint!
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    Swedish Volunteers?

    I think I’ll just continue to use the white ones!!
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    For King & Country reprint

    Or include it in a Journal with a half sheet of errant counters!
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    Nano Tape

    I use this tape as well and have never had a problem. Of course I also laminate all my boards and overlays so...
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    Evan Sherry?

    Well I am looking forward to rolling dice with Evan when I fly to Tampa for Thanksgiving. ?
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    Evan Sherry?

    Hey Bruce, After I saw your message I reached out to Evan. He said he is well and they are back to face to face gaming in Tampa.
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    What's Next?

    Looks to me like a Dan Dolan original, except not in the desert
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    Is Ortona ready for more playtesting? Yes I am volunteering.
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    Official HASLs & CGs in the works

    Hey Michael, Any update on Ortona? Need play testers or proofers? I’m really looking forward to this one! William