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    VASL PBEM Wanted

    I'm looking to play some scenarios (2 boards max size) from: BFP - Crucible of Steel LC - Wacht am Rhein (original pack - don't have 2nd Ed) HOB - Recon by Fire Mag #3 LFT - Mag#8 (Normandy)
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Agree, but maybe some other time. I'm not against giving scenarios another go.
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    Poll: how many scenarios do you play a year?

    As I once explained to my wife - I win fewer than 50% of my games, but that's not a measure of how often I have a good time.
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    Newbie seeking patient opponent

    There is an ASL Discord server with a Paddington Bears group (Sydney ASLers + other games).
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    Today in ASL history

    29 July 1999 I played G25 The T-Patchers and lost as the Germans. Oktober (I mean October) has been a good month for me (for volume anyway) in the past...
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    Today in ASL history

    Though I've been playing ASL for 27 years I've never played a game on 28 July...
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    Your Military Historian Sucks

    True. But if you think about it, when someone is being fired on by an enemy weapon, an "88" might be a 47mm or a 105mm or an 88mm, a "Tiger" might be a Pz IV, StuG or a Tiger, but the person on the receiving end is not likely to call out "Excuse me, I hope to survive the war and write about it...
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    Your Military Historian Sucks

    I read a lot of books and so far have had two WW2-related books published. I've also gone to quite a few WW2-related conferences over the years and met some of the 'big names'. I have a lot of books from a wide variety of authors/historians and yes they vary in quality. Some are excellent, and...
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    Poll: how many scenarios do you play a year?

    I started playing in 1993, and the most scenarios I have completed in a year is 56. I added an extra column to my records and found that I have an average of 23 games per year (FRD). I had a goal of getting to 1,000 games by my 50th birthday, but I gave up on that more than a year ago when I...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    AP 83 Thai Hot I was the Japanese. Tuomo Lukkari was the defending Thais. The Japanese have 5 LCs to assault a defended beach, get inland and take some locations. 3 LCs bogged on the first turn - the infantry unloaded into the water and were massacred. Those who made it to the beach were...
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    BtB 13 By Chance from Beyond The Beachhead II (BFP) The scenario card doesn't look terribly appealing but I wanted to play this in my effort to complete the pack. I had the US and my opponent had the Germans. I kept the two US groups together and entered them on FF10/GG10 (they're a bit fragile...
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    DDay 76 - presentations by historians

    Paul Woodadge will be hosting a Youtube event on 6 June (Normandy time), speaking with a large number of historians (including me!) and crossing to sites within Normandy. Check out the full listing and timings here:
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    Triple Digit Club

    23-ish just from what I recognise
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    How would one run a VASL comp

    I'd pick short scenarios too so things don't drag on and setups can be done quickly.
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    ANZACon 2020 - 25th and 26th April 2020 - Melbourne (Australia)

    If it has to be cancelled as an in-person event, maybe people could play some short-ish scenarios on VASL on those two days instead? I know there are plenty that could be finished in 3-4 hours.