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    Australian Spitfires over Normandy - book by an ASL player

    If anyone will be in Normandy for the anniversary I will be at the Daks Over Normandy event on 8 June.
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    So what scenarios have you played Recently?

    Played this at ASLOK and the Aussies (me) were slaughtered. Woof.
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    Our year in ASL

    This year I played 56 scenarios of which I won 21. That's a normal win/loss for me. 23 were FTF, the rest were VASL or VASL PBEM. Of those 56 played, 21 were at ASLOK - my first visit since 2010. Poland in Flames (7) and Hatten in Flames (5) were the packs I played most often. 56 is the equal...
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    Australian Spitfires over Normandy - book by an ASL player

    And now for that reminder I promised for when it is released: The direct links are at the bottom of the webpage above or you can go straight to your local amazon or I had my proof copy at ASLOK - thanks to all those...
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    Wow. My return to ASLOK = USA world cup win....... I will not be at ASLOK 2019 so the World shall surely be victorious again! Have had some excellent games so far, and currently am at 5-10. Hope to get another win before Sunday PM.....
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    Lots of games going on. Some have played 7 already. I've managed 5 for a 3-2 total, including a win in my first Hatten scenario. This is a very popular module with plenty of people gaming on the perfectly sized map. An excellent HASL manageable in all the ways a HASL should be and light on chrome.
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    Australians and New Zealanders! I won by the way. Darry is now playing a local guy (Peter) in a scen from Suicide Creek.
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    The first dice have been rolled. Adam Lunney as the North Koreans vs Darryl Lundy as the US in ASL 208 The Grist Mill. ASLOK HAS BEGUN!
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    ASLOK....Right around the corner!!!!

    Off to the USAF museum in Dayton in the morning then will be back in Cleveland Thursday PM.
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    ASLOK....Right around the corner!!!!

    Weather is looking dreary from the ASLOK hotel. A good week to stay in and play ASL.
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    Today in ASL I ... (Day to day ASL doings)

    Having breakfast at the ASLOK hotel. Believe I am the first to arrive :D
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    Favorite Lone Canuck (mini) CGs / Tactical Missions(?)

    I have played PHD and Buron - liked them both but PHD was probably the better of the two.
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    How to fight a pillbox?

    Arrange furniture around the pillbox in a haphazard manner to create negative feng shui and wait for the troops inside to become disrupted