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    VASL6.5.1 Officially Released

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    Finns; BV v. HP.

    This is where I eventually bought it. Still took a while as I was always late to the party.
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    Finns; BV v. HP.

    Keep your eyes open, you might come across it at a reasonable price. I eventually did but it took a while (over year, maybe 2).
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    Boat Questions

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    Mission #9 - A Coy/RCR Campaign, Sicily to Ortona, Italy, 1943

    Have a great time and stay safe yourself. Look forward to more AARs.
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    SASL Enemy Activation

    In our current mission, the second activation rolled snakes - AFV. I believe it's a T-26 but I'm probably wrong. It is still alive and has worked it's way down the hill ( level 5 I believe ) through woods all the way - never bogging - to a road at the base of the hill and is in the process of...
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    SASL Enemy Activation

    We had this happen a few missions ago. After an "oh ****" moment, we found if we could keep it smoked in with a target ( lucky guys! ) you can control some of the damage ( they were under hold attitude so chance of moving is less likely ).
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    FRIENDLY Moving and ENEMY Activation

    YES it does. 🤕
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    VP problems - Mission 18 - "Bridgehead"

    We started June 41, Russia. We're trying to take our company through the rest of the war. We are the borg..... :). My war gaming compatriot and I. We've been playing since Dec I think. We're playing on the same side, Germans. We split the company in half ( or close to it ). Having 2...
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    VP problems - Mission 18 - "Bridgehead"

    This was our 4th mission and it was extremely close. We captured a pillbox and a fox hole then decided to cautiously advance far enough to cover the reinforcements coming in, so we kept our activation's as limited as possible. Good thing - the initial reinforcements included a KV-1. We had...
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    VASL-6.5.0 is released

    My friend and I have been getting issues with the LOS even before 6.5. It seems to happen when one person is checking the LOS and the other is either checking the LOS or moving/checking units or doing whatever on the map. So we've made a rule, only one person checks the LOS and warns the other...
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    Ok. Will send it tonight when I get home ( around 6-7pm ( Eastern Time ).

    Ok. Will send it tonight when I get home ( around 6-7pm ( Eastern Time ).
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    Activation Check Counters

    You should be able to just down load it, change the .zip to .vmdx, and put it where you put your other extensions. You do not have to unzip it. If you can't get it to work, pm me your email address and I will send the vmdx file to you. Walt
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    Activation Check Counters

    I will add it in. Since making them my company has been on the defense so I haven't had much use for them. But in our current mission we are on the offensive. I take the counter and place it on top of my unit/stack and then move it along with the stack adjusting the range as I go.