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    Human wave and overstacking

    Playing Guards Counterattack (yes I am at THIS newbie level!) I started a Human wave with all the russian 6-2-8s in the first turn. To let you figure the form of the wave think to a "L" laying on the left side. Three 3-squads on the first line and one 3-squads on the second line behind the...
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    Differences between R1 and R2 Rules

    That would be VERY helpful... 8)
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    Differences between R1 and R2 Rules

    Since this is my first post: Hello everybody. I am Raffaele from Rome, Italy. I own ASL since it's first apparition in Italy in 80's. I just played a few scenarios so I am not what I consider an expert in the rules. I have ALL standard modules up to Croix de Guerre and Red Barricades. I have...