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  • Hi Perry, Vic from Dispatches here,on Board 54, if a M4 Sherman tank is in R5 (CA S5/R6), if it does not claim Wall Advantage, it can only see/fire into the adjacent hex S6 across the Bocage hexside, if it claims WA it can also shoot past S6 all the way to Z9 and that Bocage hexside, correct? Since it is behind Bocage, it gets Hull Down, correct? Thanks in advance, Vic.
    I'm interested in proofing the eASLRB, if MMP is still looking for proofers. I also have some experience with JS and HTML, if that helps. If you're looking playtesters, I'd be willing to do that as well.
    thanks for the reply...I suspected as much from the rules. Funny thing is, in reality, the 7 FP CMG and the 3 FP AAMG are probably both based on the same weapon,; when dismounted, the 3 FP AAMG turns into a HMG...I suspect there is a bipod available in the HT for this to occur.
    I appreciate the reply. Jason
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