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    Red Factories Table?

    key to appropriately match the EC in the room to that of the particular theatre in question
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    ASL public calendar of upcoming tournaments

    Thanks! I am just not a fan of trading my privacy for what is otherwise public information.
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    ASL public calendar of upcoming tournaments

    is there a way to view this calendar without a google logon?
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    Destroying an Entrenchment

    how about hedges???? :D
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    Would you pay for official winterized maps from MMP ?

    Too little benefit for the cost. I think I play one or two winter scenarios on GEO boards a year (probably less). I agree with other sentiments about the difficulty with discerning the terrain on winter maps. Even the brand new Hatten map is less attractive and difficult to read with the...
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    Are you sick of Korea already?

    learning the Korean rules is not a priority for me - rather see focus on something else...
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    Critical Hits and the Tie Die System.

    But at least there would have been fireworks to watch...
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    Critical Hits and the Tie Die System.

    I know I was expecting this to be a thread about colour palette choices for Critical Hit counters... I was disappointed.
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    I'm #92 or so...
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    Hatten In Flames available for pre-order

    Not official but the Lone Canuck Publishing CG rules are pretty well baked certainly less issues to work through than CH versions.
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    Hatten In Flames available for pre-order

    just got a shipping notice!!!
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    Adapting existing campaign games to other battles.

    Real men only play RB. But when they don't then they at least play other CG designed by certified Historians on the RB map using Russian and black German SS counters as substitutes for what ever the CG calls for. If it's not balanced just double the OB's until you get it right. If that...
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    Best Lone Cannuck campaign?

    I had a blast with Ozerkya Breakout - straight forward, mix of unit types and quality.
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    Whole Bunch of ASLComp Middle East

    anyone have a link where I can find descriptions? Are these all redo's or is there any new material?
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    Ideas for new counters

    bore sight hex counters to go with the HIP counters