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    Onslaught to Orsha

    Got my shipping confirmation this am.
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    Brevity Assault pack available for pre-orders!

    I just ordered the bundle. Matt
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    What ASL Product Have You Bought Recently?

    I did that once. That is why I created a spread sheet of every game I own. Plus I list them on Scenario Archive and BBG. Matt edit: I meant BGG for Board Game Geek (not BBG)
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    From the Cellar # 9

    Waiting for this to be available from Bounding Fire. Any thoughts on when?
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    IIFT/Cheat Sheets sized the same as the Pocket Rulebook

    I've printed Chapter H, Ch O and Ch S in booklet size. Much more convenient than a full size rule book. For the tables I use the LFT Rat Pocket Charts, but would be easy to scan and print all of the charts and cheat sheets in booklet size too. Matt edit: to make them the size of the pocket rule...
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    The Maxim Gorki CG

    You should have no problem with that. Just don't forget to double the OB.:)
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    The Maxim Gorki CG

    Per Desperation Morale web site: Contents: 4 12" x 18" light cardstock/heavy paper glossy map panels, 12 pages rules, 12 scenarios, 1 sheet of play aids, 1016 die-cut counters
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    Did the forum get ugly, with adverts and colours?

    So there ya go. Be a supporting member. Good idea Dr. Zaius. Pay up and no ads.
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    Did the forum get ugly, with adverts and colours?

    No ads here. Maybe because I'm a supporting member?
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    Draft SASL SOP

    I have a SASL Advanced sequence of Play I Downloaded from somewhere. It includes a Pre-game sequence and separate Friendly and Enemy SoP pages. It's very detailed
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    Face Towards Enemy

    You're like the people that reply to questions on amazon product pages with "I don't know." Not helpful.
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    Vasl maps and extension for CH Bandenkrieg (Hell Behind the Eastern Front) available

    Thank you! Finally! That is my favorite CH map. I never play the scenarios that come with the CH maps, I use them for my own SASL campaigns sometimes using the units included such as, in this case, partisans. Matt
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    New MMP DASL pack

    It's going to take until 2020 just to hit the pre-order #
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    Armies of Oblivion

    Maybe there should be a silhouette of a horse on the front over the Gun type.
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    Face Towards Enemy

    I have both pre-ordered. Looking forward to getting my hands on them.