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    2019-2020 Deluxe VASL League

    Will Willow's Russians could not get it done against Vic Rosso's Germans in DASL5 Little Stalingrad.
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    Provenance of T-34 M43 AA-DD?

    Pictures or it didn't happen.
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    GRENADIER´19: ASL Tournament, Germany, 06.11.2019-10.11.2019

    Looking to make it this year. Afterwards I have 3-4 days to kill before meeting my Paris tour.
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    MMP new products for 2019

    The swimsuit calendar?
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    can infantry units fire at a unpossessed piece of equipment ?

    How about an AFV or Ordnance targeting an unpossesed Gun?
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    Unloading and ESB

    Just need to make it clear for my opponent. Thanks to everyone for answering.
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    Unloading and ESB

    It does cost the passengers 50% to unload from that vehicle. Does another Perry Sez need to be asked to clarify the previous answer?
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    Unloading and ESB

    An LVTA2 spends six MP and wants to ESB for one MP so it can stop and unload Passengers. Is this allowed?
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    Underlined Morale and ELR 3

    It is ASL140 Round Two.
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    Underlined Morale and ELR 3

    A 5-4-8 is given underlined morale per SSR and the ELR is 3. The 5-4-8 fails a morale check and exceeds ELR. What happens to it? What about a half squad given the same circumstances?
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    VASLeague 2018, general discussion

    Will Willow's North Koreans won over Mark Watson's Americans in ASL209 A Line Too Thinly Held.
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    Free Day in St. Moritz

    Have a free day in October in St. Moritz. Anything nearby that is a must see/do?
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    BFP-57 Last Drop

    I agree with you but wanted to be sure about it. Thanks.
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    BFP-57 Last Drop

    Do the Japanese drop as partially armed or fully armed?