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    OBA Question

    Thank you.
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    OBA Question

    In prep fire the SR goes off board. What is the procedure in the DFPH?
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    March Madness 2020

    Looks like I will be attending as well. Will register soon.
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    Double One 2020

    Flight is booked.
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    DC Hero and Dummies

    A DC Hero charges a stack of Dummies. When he enters the hex the Dummies are removed. Does the DC Hero stay there or can the DC Hero charge another unit if he has LOS to it?
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    Double One 2020

    Definitely showing up for this one.
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    The Battle for the Maps...

    It sure was. Thanks for posting.
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    Double One 2020 cancelled

    Is it happening in 2020? If so, are the details set?
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    VASL Night League Round One Matchups

    Will Willow's Americans will take on Kevin Killeen's Germans in ASL20 Taking the Left Tit. No Balance.
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    2019-2020 Deluxe VASL League

    Will Willow's Americans will take on Bob Eury's Germans in WO27 Checking Out. No Balance
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    VASL Desert League Round 1 Matchups

    Will Willow's Brits will take on Roy Connelly's Italians in J162 African Brothers. No Balance
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