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    Le Franc Tireur 14 : now available for order

    Thank you Both
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    Le Franc Tireur 14 : now available for order

    Question regarding the VC's for FT239 Armored Probe at Sidi-Nsir. A Condition states that the French must have more Squad-Eguivalents on the Hills 538 and 714 then the Axis, provided the French amass more CVP. Does this mean that if the French have not amassed more CVP and not one Axis unit is...
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    wither ritterkrieg ???

    I got an e-mail back from Ritter saying Feb 1-2 shipping date for LFT#14
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    The Amy H [OA29]

    We had the same question, I think we treated it like a Goliath but as a captured truck with an inherent driver... Along the same lines, can Japanese produce DC Heroes if they capture DC's?
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    Vehicular MGs and MA - CA Change Penalty and Fire in Different Phases

    The same applies to any Bow mounted/SA weapons on the CA change according to D3.51, but are multiple CA changes cumulative? For example, an M4 in OG changes it's VCA one hexspine and fires its BMG, later during First Fire it changes its TCA one hexspine to fire its CMG. If the MA fires in First...
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    Corregidor: the Rock Errata

    Is Building DD22 considered a partially rubbled building with a level 1 location in DD22? Can fortifications/mines be placed in paved road hexes with shellholes?
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    Fire vs moving unit on a brush/roads (not path)

    Yeah, I got my depressions wrong, how depressing.... Interesting regarding this rule, a dry stream is treated as a gully so do the trees magically grow in the depression? It's still odd that in a stream woods hex you can fire down the gully or down the road in woods-road hex and get FFMO, but...
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    Fire vs moving unit on a brush/roads (not path)

    I guess you found something to add to the "One Rule I would Change in ASL Thread"..... Odd, you can fire down a woods-gully as long as it is in the gully depiction then the Woods TEM/LOS block are NA, but on a road it is the TEM of the hex.
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    Which rule do you want to change?

    If I understand this application this means a vehicle can't be in motion during Prep to fire since the stop attempt occurs in the previous D-Fire phase.... What I was actually looking for was allowing vehicles to shoot in all friendly fire phases motion/stopped
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    Which rule do you want to change?

    Vehicles in motion can't Prep Fire This I would change...…..
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    Are we seeing the decline of Tom Brady?

    The irony is I was telling people earlier that Rodgers (before he signed his contract) should have gone to New England since Brady would retire soon and he could have worked with Belichick, where I think he would get more rings then in Green Bay.
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    DTF-4 Death To Fascism

    True, I think people look more at how the .50 figures in, but not what the 82mm mortar can do as well for pregame consideration.
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    World leaders

    The thread is about presidents and the economy, you even replied to with the subject in mind regarding the Dow in Don's post on the said subject.... Meaning the Dow will tank and Trump supporters will blame it on 10 T in Debt from Obama's years. Then you respond that both Dave and I are...
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    World leaders

    That's odd because I just did I search of my posts regarding Obama and Economy, found nothing you refer to... Perhaps you could post my reply that I am not finding regarding this contradiction, you must clearly have read it here to name both Dave and I since otherwise it would give evidence...
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    World leaders

    Another planned economy supporter who can't tell the difference between the cyclical process of market economies and the policies that let the markets do what they are designed to do....assess value...either way it would be because Trump is wrong....